How To Kick 2011 Goal Butt (In A Completely Non-Violent Way!) ♥

Because violence is never the answer (no!), and look! A glorious new year is here, full of sparkle and glimmer and “ooh, you have 52 weeks to do something marvellous with me!” sing-song PROMISE!

It doesn’t matter if the past twelve months royally s-u-c-k-e-d. Heck, it doesn’t even matter if 2010 will eternally be etched in your memory as the year that you didn’t launch your octopus-shaped donut making business, because 2011 represents the perfect opportunity to start fresh. To isolate whatever was keeping your feet firmly planted in the inaction ground in 2010, throw it a disinterested look and zoom FORWARDS with your goals!

Whether it’s planning a six week escape to Estonia, conquering crochet or finally pitching that piece to that magazine, here’s how to kick 2011 goal BUTT!

Identify Your Intentions

Start! What’s important to you in 2011? Grab a sheet of paper and brainstorm ideas about what you want to accomplish between now and the end of the year. You know that saying “science is not a cow. Science is a horse”You don’t?! Brilliant, because that’s absolutely not what the relevant quote is! It’s “dreams and wishes are not goals until they ‘re written as specific end results on paper”, which kind of makes a whole lot more sense, right?!

Establish The Action That You Need To Take

Perhaps you need to sign up for that business management course, perhaps you need to stop feeling so flipping unsure of yourself and just do it (thanks Nike!), for fig’s sake, or perhaps you need to spend your Friday evenings bar-tending to save for Estonia while everyone else is out shimmying around to Duck Sauce. Whatever!

Real Life Anecdote: I am a huge advocate of The Second Job. Huge! Since the age of 19 and regardless of how up-to-my-eyeballs I’ve been with any other work, I’ve always maintained a second job SOMEWHERE. And sure, while it’s probably as glamourous as dish water and I’ve missed approximately 1,2763546468 Thursday night dinners and cocktails and late-night shopping sessions with my friends, no complaints, because in the past two years alone I’ve also managed to scrimp together enough coin to buy an apartment and travel to Europe and New Zealand twice!

Sometimes a teensy bit of sacrifice, a shipload of determination and an ability to keep your eye on the delicious prize – and not the occasionally tiring, trying or “but I want to dance to Duck Sauce TOO!’‘ reality – is definitely worth it. Which steps can you take to shuffle closer towards your dreams?

Monitor Your Language & Ambition Attitude (Don’t “Try” To Try!)

Okay, so you’ve identified your intentions! You’ve established the action that you need to take and you’re implementing it, baby!

And it’s all very spectacular! Now observe how you discuss and think about your goals over the coming weeks and eliminate that defeatist “try” word from your vocabulary – because really, doesn’t “I’ll try to enrol for those Spanish lessons” sound suspiciously like “I’ll TRY to try to enrol for those Spanish lessons’”, and infinitely more non-committal than “I’m learning Spanish this year!”?! It does! Don’t unintentionally self-sabotage yourself before you’ve even begun – monitor your language and ambition attitude and TELL other people about your plans so that they actually hold you accountable for making them happen!

New year, new start, new plans, new chickens! (Psst! One of those things may or may not be unrelated to everything else.) 

There’s 360 sublime days left of 2011 – what are you going to do with your year?



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