Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥


And as a clever wee band named The Cure (recommended Friday listening material!) once so appropriately sang, “it’s Friday, I’m in love!’’ 

Here’s what’s thrilling my frills this week!

x Authenticity – Okay, so much like the brilliance that is avocado and chilli flakes thrown together (seriously, try it! It’s DELICIOUS!), this is a slightly difficult concept to explain, but here goes: I am so into people who are THEMSELVES! Their crazy, honest, flawed, open, perfectly imperfect selves! They know who they are and what they want out of life, they’re comfortable with their ideals, and whether their dreams entail escaping to the mountains once a month or cleaning toilets for the next thirty years (weird examples!), they’re content with how their lives are panning out, rarely attempt to defend or justify their thoughts or actions (uh, unless they’re kind of jerk-like, hurtful thoughts or actions, in which case, they 100% should!) and they’re REAL.

Regardless of who you are and where you’re at in life, always feel secure in yourself! Don’t ever feel pressured to adapt your opinions to appease someone else, cease wearing your favourite neon-coloured jeggings (what?! You’re not wearing neon-coloured jeggings?!) because somebody else disapproves of them, or berate yourself for occasionally making a ‘mistake’. Honestly, who cares?! You’re a person! (And an excellent one at that!) You’re learning! Embrace it! Enjoy it! (And then ignore anyone who ever attempts to convince you otherwise with a smile!) And on a SIMILAR note…

x People Who Are Interested In Doing The Very Best For Themselves – Yes! Perhaps you’ve eternally dreamed of opening up your own pancake restaurant and are beginning to take the baby steps necessary to turn your goal into a reality (whee!), or perhaps you’re simply avoiding listening to The Presets before bed because you know that you ABSOLUTELY won’t be in the mood to sleep. Whatever!  It’s fantastic! KEEP DOING IT!

x 2011 – We’re only two weeks into the year, but already it feels lighter. Easier. Laden with potential and surprises!

x Other Little Things – New client referrals (ooh!); being a grown-up and finally filling out THOSE neglected business forms; David Bowie song marathons; obsessively munching on ice blocks to survive the heat; long phone conversations; fun messages from the lovely Alex, which basically say “do you want to grab breakfast and go op-shopping all day?!” (um, YES!); sticking paint samples all over the walls to determine exciting new colours (hooray!); trawling through Apartment Therapy; new episodes of Law & Order (is anybody else as hooked on this television show as I am?!); and marvelling at the fact that SHEESH, my boyfriend is such a guy! While reading Frock & Roll on Wednesday, his immediate comments were “jeez, look at all of those LEAVES everywhere in the background of your photos! And what about the GUTTER?! I really should have swept/tried to clean it all up before you took them!”

Happy, happy Friday! How was your week?



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