Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥


Wait! No it’s not.

It’s time to celebrate the week that was!

Here’s what I’m presently oh-so smitten with:

x Live – Oh, Live! How could I have possibly forgotten how phenomenal you are?! How?! Now, I’m sure that you’re equally as stumped as to how such an unbelievable act could occur, but fear not, because I’ve been making EXCELLENT progress at reuniting myself with the brilliance that is your music this week: I mean, The Dolphin’s Cry! Lightening Crashes! I Alone! OVERCOME! (Which may or may have caused me to tear up on Wednesday from the sheer beauty of it alone! That, or it was definitely those sneaky little red onions in that chickpea salad.) Genius!

x Big Business Meetings – #$%! ^*()$#%$@!  Or in English: sweet merciful mushrooms, today I met with the Director of Push Creative, an exceptionally talented graphic design agency who count STARBUCKS (Starbucks!) among their list of clients, to discuss Frock & Roll’s copywriting services! Eek!

Was it nerve-wracking? Slightly! More than a teensy bit thrilling? Wildly! Did I manage to refrain from spilling a single drop of my soft drink anywhere? Amazingly, absolutely!  The team were LOVELY, my inner doofus was shockingly successfully suppressed for at least half an hour (now don’t you just love it when a trepidation-filled conversation doesn’t result in a bunch of “uh’s”, “um’s” and “well, yeah, that’s… GOOD”?!), and luminous laptops, can you believe it?! I stumbled out of the office with a folder full of projects. Fab-u-lous!

x Filling Up My Calendar – Okay, so that sentence kind of makes me sound like a nitwit, but how else can I explain my excitement at having a girls’ Burlesque night out this evening?! (Actually, that’s a fib – I’ve heard mixed reviews about Burlesque but ooh-WEE am I looking forward to going out for dinner!) Or meeting photographer Cathy Topping for a snap-happy session at the beach next Sunday? Or chin-wagging with the likes of Carly Lloyd, Danimezza and Fashion Hayley at the Sydney Blog Meet in a couple of weeks? Or attending the Soundwave Music Festival? (Seriously, would you take a peek at the line-up for the latter?! Iron Maiden! Queens Of The Stone Age! 30 Seconds To Mars! Slayer! Primus! Sevendust! Stone Sour! Dimmu Borgir! SLASH! W-o-w!)


x Other Little Things – Young coconut juice with pulp (have you tried it?! You can purchase it in cans from the supermarket and it’s DELECTABLE!); watching old videos of The Four Tops (those dance moves! Their SMILES!); Herbal Essences’ ‘Long Term Relationship’ conditioner; sparkly cocktail rings; sparkly ANYTHING (it’s becoming increasingly clearer that my main goal in life IS to be an enormous human disco ball!); blasting Copacabana on a Sunday afternoon (or any day, really!); lying languidly under the fan; buying a gigantic diary for 2011 and scrawling plans in it (and to think that I usually wait until we’re halfway through the year to snaffle one up – ha! Take THAT, lack of organisation skills!); staying up until the early hours of the morning to learn about the joys of small businesses, entrepreneurs and taxes (it’s surprisingly interesting!); and letting go – sometimes, you have to let go, whether it’s of a person, a relationship, an idea, or perhaps a situation that Just. Isn’t. Working. For. You. And that’s entirely okay!

Saying farewell to something that you’ve been emotionally, physically or mentally invested in for a while can be as terrifying as the prospect of a demise in GHD hair straighteners (!) or a killer bee-spider-snake hybrid, but it COMPLETELY needn’t be – relinquishing your grip on something which doesn’t make you feel good anymore isn’t overwhelming (heck, no!) – it’s empowering. And much like a magnificent vacuuming session on a Sunday afternoon, you’re not just foolishly discarding that dust and dirt away from your life – you’re simply clearing the space for more delightful people, prospects and plans to glide in and take their place! (Which can only ever be a fantastic thing!)

Happy, happy Friday! How was your week?



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