Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

Oh, I know!

“WELL!” You may very likely be thinking. “If it isn’t Little Miss DOESN’T WANT TO POST! No, really, Corrine. Do you think that I haven’t noticed?! That tumbleweeds HAVEN’T been happily setting themselves up in your absence, and that it hasn’t been a full week since any new article has graced Frock & Roll’s silly pages?! HA! FOOL!”

And I absolutely want to protest “hey! I’ve been off saving elephants! Building supportive communities for caterpillars! Sewing jumpsuits for foxes! Y-E-A-H!”, but of course, the truth is far less heroic/interesting:

I was kidnapped by beret-wearing seals.


I’ve been sick. Hideously sick, in that kind of sniffly, sneeze-filled, coughing, can’t-get-out-of-bed fashion, and definitely not in that “oh hi, Kleenex! Guess it’s about time that we became friends!” manner.

But alas, it’s FRIDAY, and since it would surely be a criminal act not to celebrate such a glorious day (seriously, don’t Fridays seem to feel more special than any other day?!), here’s what I’m loving this week!

x Burlesque: The Movie – When a friend asked me to accompany her along to see Burlesque last Saturday night, I was a teensy bit apprehensive: I mean, have you seen the reviews of it?! Eeesh! To say that they would be unpleasant would be KIND!

But hey, nuts to the reviews, because it was f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c! Sure, the plot isn’t particularly groundbreaking or surprising, SOME of the jokes can inspire you to turn to your friend and hiss ”ba-doom-CHI!” in the darkness, but honestly? It was FUN – and isn’t that all of the purpose in the world that a movie needs to serve sometimes?! (Psst! Christina Aguilera was EXCEPTIONAL in it.)

859797 - Burlesque

859797 - Burlesque

x Spontaneous Sydney Dinner Date Plans – Jeez, the superb spontaneity of this is still blowing my mind! So one fine evening the delightful Emma, Scribbles, Julie and I were discussing the brilliance that is Mexican cuisine on Twitter, when somewhere in between the delectable words of “burrito” and ”taco” it was decided that we would all meet up in Sydney for an enormous Mexican feast in October. Now fancy that!

Emma hails from Perth in Australia! Scribbles resides in New Zealand! Julie is flying in from MEXICO! Who knew that a conversation about food could transform into such incredible international travel plans?!

x Other Little Things – Researching Mexican restaurants (I’m determined to locate the best one in Sydney for October! If you have any recommendations, please fling them my way!); slurping on gigantic Frozen Coke’s at the movies (have you seen those things?! They’re almost the size of my bathroom sink!); my boyfriend Tom, for sweetly positioning the fan from the bedroom in the living room on an insanely humid evening so that when I stumble home from a late night out, I can immediately cool down, and for saying lame things such as “I brought you some hot chips!” after returning from the shops. “I know you said that you didn’t want any, but your eyes said ‘YES’!”; submitting projects; homemade ginger tea; watching old episodes of Sex & The City; remembering the sheer GENIUS that is Tool’s Undertow album; sleeping in (oh, it has been needed!); late night strolls with my puppy; apple and cinnamon scented candles (what WAS disappointing was when Tom didn’t burst into the apartment and exclaim “are you baking a pie?!”, à la the Glade commercials!); and delicious dinners at Manly Grill (I tried their chickpea and pumpkin burger last weekend and my, oh my, it was SUBLIME!)

Happy, happy Friday! How was your week?



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