Thank Frock It’s Friday! (And Save 30% At City Chic Online!) ♥

Sydney City Intersection Patterns


I mean, it’s incredibly delightful of you and all (that casserole dish you’ve picked out! Those pot plants! SUBLIME!), but really! Despite all evidence suggesting that I’ve ABSOLUTELY recently taken up residence under an enormous rock, I 110% haven’t, so please, put those gorgeous presents away! (It’s probably also an excellent time to point out that I haven’t moved to Delusional Land either, although I hear the weather there is SUPERB this time of the year!)

Yes, it’s been a week filled with tumbleweeds and awkward silences here at Frock & Roll (and I’m sorry!), courtesy of one LONG loss of an internet signal (oh Optus, if only you knew the frustration that I’ve felt! The many ridiculous poses and locations I’ve positioned myself in to attempt to establish any kind of connection! The HAIR THAT I’VE TUGGED!), but hey! It’s Thank Frock It’s Friday! time, not The Griping Hour, so here’s what I’m loving this week!

x Being Reconnected To The Internet – Jeez! How enormously sad, right?! Possibly, but isn’t it amazing how increasingly dependent we’re becoming on using the internet to perform a variety of functions? I bank online! I communicate (mostly) with my family online! I research online, shop online, and produce a large portion of my work online, so yank away the ability to complete any of those tasks and boom, panic sets in! It’s definitely a wee bit ridiculous, but it’s definitely a relief to be reconnected!

x Long Overdue Catch-Ups & Exploration Of The City – A confession: I love playing the ‘tourist’ game in Sydney! Seriously, there are few things I enjoy more than weaving in and out of foreign streets and searching for new cafes` to sit in or boutiques to comb through, and a couple of weeks ago I caught up with the wonderful Vita and Alex, two lovely lasses I used to study Media & Communications with, to do exactly that! We trawled through market stalls, skimmed second-hand stores, caught a ferry from one end of Sydney to the other and endlessly walking around Manly, Sydney’s CBD and Newtown, and it was such a terrific day! (Note to self: days spent exploring the city should be a monthly and MANDATORY occurrence, not an activity completed once every six months!)


Oh look! It’s Vita in Manly! (A hilarious girl, that one!)


And Alex! (And far OUT, can we take a moment to examine that outfit of hers?! I swear, even when it’s 1,27363636363663636 degrees, Alex still manages to be one of the most impeccably accessorised and well-dressed girls around!)


And then there’s little Harry Potter! Wait, no – that’s ME! (And ha, would you take a peek at that sign at the ferry terminal?! ”Have a ferry happy day”?! Oh Sydney Ferries, you COMEDIANS! I love it!)

x Other Little Things – Listening to old Limp Bizkit albums (supremely sad to publicly admit or otherwise, Re-Arranged is STILL one of my favourite songs of all time!); vanilla soy milk; pesto, pumpkin and chickpea burgers with freshly blended pineapple, melon and ginger juice and fabulous company; pulling open last Saturday’s edition of The Manly Daily and spying a half-page real estate advertorial, only to realise that hey! I’d written the copy for that! (It was a strangely – sillily?! – exciting moment!); Lady Gaga’s egg costume at the 2011 Grammy Awards (publicity stunt or not, the woman consistently takes risks with her sartorial choices and I love her for it!); electric pink roses on Valentine’s Day (awww! Blush! Shucks!); paisley print; and my boyfriend Tom, for taking one GIANT leap of faith this week! Sometimes we stay in situations because they’re comfortable, don’t we? We snuggle up in them because they’re EASY, effortless, but honestly, where do they get us long-term? How much satisfaction do they REALLY provide us with at the end of the day? I don’t know, but after a whopping eleven years in the same retail company, my boyfriend handed in his notice of resignation today to (partly!) go back to school, join a new company and pursue his true passion – cabinet making – and I’m so proud of him! It’s a risk (it’s a huge initial salary sacrifice, for starters!), and at 30, he’s as nervous as anything, but fortune tends to favour the brave, and #$*^! I’m so excited for him!

Suggestions For The Weekend Ahead

x Wash your make-up brushes! Now, I know this is hardly the kind of suggestion which is going to make you leap up and bubble with excitement, but come on! While we’re lovingly dragging them through our favourite blushes, bronzers and foundation each day, they’re slowly building up a nasty friendship with all manners of bacteria and oils (and bacteria is TOTALLY going to be the friend who bails on your plans all the time!), so once a month, dedicate fifteen minutes to giving them a good rinse with some soapy water. Ah! 

x Book a hair appointment. Or an eyebrow wax. Or a manicure. Whatever! Honestly, when was the last time you pampered yourself and strutted out of a salon feeling exquisite?! Too long ago, I’m sure! Get your split ends trimmed, experiment with a foxy new fringe or simply indulge in a sparkly manicure to appease your inner magpie – it’ll feel DIVINE. (After months of having caterpillar-like eyebrows, I can’t WAIT for my eyebrow appointment next week!)

Happy, happy weekend!

A delectable cocktail? Speaking the truth?! What are YOU thankful for this Friday?


P.S. Looking to snare 30% off City Chic this week? You are?! BRILLIANT, because in addition to hopping on over to there to win a trip to Australia’s Melbourne Fashion Week, Audrey from City Chic’s kindly provided us with a discount code to go shopping with (n-i-f-t-y if you’ve got your eye on a piece or two!), and it’s BM30FS! Fun times!

P.S.S. Sweet Euforilla’s hosting a giveaway, and it’s a GOODIE! Hop on over to Professione Musa for your chance to nab one stunning necklace!


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