A Photography Session With Cathy Topping! ♥

Now HERE’S an excellent contender for the “well sweet merciful sand castles, of all the things that I thought I’d never do!’’ awards (what, you’ve never heard of them?! But Kanye West is rumoured to be hosting them this year and EVERYTHING!):

Participating in a professional photography shoot!

Seriously, there’s numerous activities you’ll find me engaging in on the weekend (gobbling toast, generally avoiding housework, screeching the lyrics to For The Love Of Money), but standing in front of an enormous camera pretending to be, uh, model-esque? Argh! It couldn’t be less “me” if I tried! Which is precisely why I decided to do it… because in the beautiful words of Helen Keller, life’s either a daring adventure or nothing, right?!

Meeting with freelance photographer (and all-round lovely lady!) Cathy Topping to contribute to her We Live Here: Sydney project, a website dedicated to showcasing, as Cathy describes it, “Sydney and her inhabitants”, I nervously smiled, gulped and attempted to not look like too much of a nitwit as I showed Cathy one of my favourite little pockets (and of course, where I live!) of Sydney: Collaroy Beach on the Northern Beaches!

Collaroy Beach Sydney
Collaroy Beach: isn’t she a beauty?!

My ingenious (cough!) idea of a “pose”: tossing sand EVERYWHERE (including in my eye!), until, thankfully, Cathy intervened with instructions (“tilt your head to right. Relax your face.”). P-h-e-w!

Picture 5

The immensely talented photographer herself, Cathy!


It was SUCH a fun experience (wayward fringes and staring passers-by and all!), and a brilliant reminder of the importance of constantly opening yourself up to new opportunities (even especially the terrifying ones!).

 What can YOU fling an enormous “YES!” at or try this week? (Psst! I definitely wouldn’t recommend sand in the eye.)


(Images thanks to Cathy Topping. Thank-you SO much, Cathy!)


18 responses to “A Photography Session With Cathy Topping! ♥

  1. Ahhh Corrine! You’re gorgeous!!

    Love your outfit & that you went out & did something that scares you! Go girl! I’m shocking with having my photos taken – I’m slowly getting used to not always being behind the camera!


  2. Those photos of you are gorgeous especially the last three! What hair products do you use by the way?

  3. Your blog! it’s so professional looking! I LOVE IT.

    And these photos are amaaazing. AND I’m majorly jealous of the BEACH. AH SUMMER COME TO ME.


  4. you look beautiful! How fun to be a model for a day!!

  5. Such great photos! And you chose a great outfit too – the colours are very YOU 🙂

  6. Gorgeous!

    You, the beach, the pictures!!!

  7. Great post Corrine! And you snuck one in of me. Naughty! Don’t you know I hide behind that huge camera for a reason??

    It was great to meet you, and I’m so pleased you’re happy with the shots. xx

  8. You look stunning, Corrine! Unsurprisingly. 😉

  9. Beautiful!

  10. So pretty! Looks like you had a lot of fun. 🙂

    While I’m not necessarily a beach person (I have a tendency to spontaneously combust), the beach makes me want summer NOW. (Canada is ridiculously cold.)

  11. Wow, her photos are fantastic! I love your coat too, the pattern is so pretty 🙂

    Kudos to you for stepping out of your comfort zone ❤

  12. You look really beautiful Corrine. I’m so glad you did something different, the results are amazing :DDD.

  13. Cheray Natalie – Awww, thank-you so much, CN! 🙂 I am too – I’m used to pulling stupid faces for photos, not POSING, teehee! Moving out of your comfort zone is a good thing 🙂

    Angela – Why THANK-YOU, oh stylish one! To be honest, I’m extremely basic (in fact, so basic that it’s probably embarrassing to admit!): at the moment I’m using Tresemme’s Thermal Protection (or something like that!) shampoo and I always use Organix’s Coconut Milk conditioner, and then I finish it all off with a BIG spritz of hairspray to hold everything down together! I *did* use Moroccan Oil for the first time on Monday though and WOW, have you tried it?! I’m thinking I need to write a post on that stuff alone – it’s an INCREDIBLE hair treatment!

    Lexy – Wow, thanks a bunch for your lovely comments, Lexy! 🙂 (And it was actually extremely overcast at the beach that day, hence why I’m all jacket-ed up! 😉 )

    Kez – You know, surprisingly… IT WAS! Thank-you so much Kez, it SERIOUSLY helps to have an excellent photographer! 🙂

    Rah – Ha! Aren’t they?! CRAZY! LOUD! BRIGHT! Thank-you so much Laura, are you coming to the Nuffnang drinks in Potts Point next week? I hope so! 🙂

    Euforilla – Thank-you so much, Euforilla! 🙂

    Cathy – OF COURSE! (And you look beautiful!) Thank-you so much again, Cathy. You’re one massively talented photographer, and it was so fantastic to meet you!

    Sally & Jess – HUGE thank-you, lovely ladies!

    Leanne – It was, thank-you so much! And ooh, I’ll happily trade you – it’s now Autumn in Australia but ugh, it has been so, SO hot here lately! (And I am NOT a summer girl!)

    Rosie – Thank-you so much, Rosie 🙂

    Julie – Awww, thanks a bunch, wonderful little Julie! 😀

  14. Gorgeous location, gorgeous photos, gorgeous jacket.

  15. I love these photos, they’re amazing!

    I want to be on that blog except the location being Surry Hills!

    (Lets quietly and conveniently forget that I don’t live there…) x

  16. Gorgeous pictures! I love your blouse and your hair looks so pretty! xoxoxoo

  17. What stunning photos! Talented photographer and Corrine you look ravishing!

  18. Princess Carmen

    HA! Corrine you are HILARIOUS!

    Gorgeous photos hun! xx

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