Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

Dreaming in rose

As we witness the heartbreaking devastation in Japan at the moment, it would seem enormously insensitive (and utterly trivial) to bounce around and exclaim “HEY GUYS, it’s Friday! Weekend, weekend, weekend! Party, party, party! Oblivious, oblivious, OBLIVIOUS!” today. There’s every chance that you couldn’t give a flying FRENCH FRY about that delectable mug of chai tea I inhaled earlier in the week, and justifiably so: in comparison to current world events, such a revelation is about as important as mittens are to moths. (Hint: they’re absolutely not.)

Instead, may I fling a variety of Suggestions For The Week Ahead your glorious way, and ask that you send your love in the direction of the Asia Pacific? Japan, we’ve never met before, but I’ve heard that you’re one heck of a (beautiful) character. We’re all thinking of you and wishing you an EXTREMELY speedy recovery. Please, get well soon!

Suggestions For The Week Ahead

Throw yourself COMPLETELY out of your comfort zone. Go on! Frolic outside of your safety net! Swap your beloved barbecue sauce for a divine-looking relish. Order the opposite item on a menu. Speak the truth when you’d usually blush. Book a deep sea diving adventure. Spin a globe and plan a holiday in the location your finger rests on. Read a biography instead of Cosmopolitan. Watch a Parisian film. Mingle with somebody who’s definitely not your ”type”. L-I-V-E!

Commit to improving your health in even the teensiest of ways. WALK. Take that darn iron supplement. Add some baby spinach to your stir-fry. Guzzle a litre of water each day. Stretch! (Seriously! I’m presently nursing a muscle spasm preventing me from extending or straightening my right arm, all of which can prooobably be attributed to a lack of stretching in between working and moving around, so for the love of limbs, PLEASE stretch!)

x Donate, if you can, to the Red Cross Society in Japan.



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