Thank Frock It’s Friday! (Uh… Monday!) ♥

What’s a brilliant way of appearing as though you’re flakier than a fruit flan after uttering your sincere apologies for a lack of posts?

A lack of posts!

*Awkward collar tug* I KNOW. I’m enormously, spectacularly sorry, and if I could whisk you all away to a cafe` in an attempt to snaffle up your forgiveness with delectable baked goods, I absolutely would! Because unless of course it is in the form of the aforementioned fruit flan, NOBODY enjoys a flake, right? Right.

In the interest of not boring you senseless or using highly colourful language, I WON’T drag you through the smattering of technical problems that Frock & Roll’s encountered over the past week (super-cryptic error messages! Internet woes! Image uploading tools which don’t UPLOAD!), but I WILL make up for Friday’s absent love list by throwing an extraordinarily belated Thank Frock It’s Friday! party today, and guaranteeing that if you ever DO find yourself in Sydney, our catch-up coffee is on me! (And that’s a promise!)

From being re-connected (phew!) to The Immaculate Collection (ooh), here’s what I’m l-l-loving this week!

x Obsessively Dreaming Of Spending My 24th Birthday In Turkey – Oh, and how could I not?! You see, I’m partly employed by a travel agency (I’m their resident website co-ordinator and copywriter!), and in addition to regularly ruminating over 1,273636 different ways to mention the word ‘holiday’ (sojourn! SABBATICAL!), I’m frequently exposed to a multitude of criminally enticing brochures and offers. (It is equal parts torture and pure inspiration, I can assure you!)

WELL. A couple of weeks ago I happened to stumble across this particularly alluring wee gem (12 days in Turkey for $1300? Yes, please!), and as soon as I noticed that their final departure for 2011 was in September, all sorts of ideas and justifications were being flung about: “their final departure is in September? Why, it’s my BIRTHDAY in September! Surely I deserve an adventure to commemorate 24 years of existing, right?!” Eek! Stay tuned!

x Amazing Summer Clearance Sales – Target, you slay me. Three dresses (originally retailing for $50 each) for $21? Yes!

x April Anticipation – Sheesh April, we’re only eleven days into you and ALREADY you’re cooking up a batch of splendid affairs! High tea at The Victoria Tea Room (complete with crisp white shirts and fancy dress!) on the 23rd? Catch-ups with an interstate best friend? Participating in a sunglasses campaign?! (Uh, I kid you not!) M-a-d-n-e-s-s!

Ben and Jerry's NOOOO

x Other Little Things – Old-school Madonna; insanely soft Egyptian bed linen; delightfully unexpected news (there’s a Twitter magazine hitting the newsstands in May and I’m going to have a teeny-weeny feature in it. Huh?! WHAT?!); Julieta Campos: HTML slayer, digital genius and all-round website magician; miniature Easter eggs; acquiring domain names (did you know that Frock & Roll can now be found at, and It can! Nif-TY if you find yourself remembering the ‘frockandroll’ part, but never the ‘’!); Corey Taylor (of Stone Sour and Slipknot fame!)‘s hauntingly beautiful rendition of Wicked Game; freelancing for Style Retail (my first piece for them is here!); and finally, participating in Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Election Campaign (read: inhaling my body weight in ice-cream)!

I was recently contacted by the lovely folk at Ben & Jerry’s to nominate my favourite flavour from their scrumptious bunch for the campaign, and although it was an EXTREMELY difficult decision (seriously, have you tried their stuff?!), it’s definitely Cookie Dough that receives my vote! (Psst! Did somebody say “free ice-cream”? To sample their range for yourself, head in-store to Ben & Jerry’s from noon to 8.00PM on April 12th for Free Cone Day, and then vote for your pick of the bunch!)

Suggestions For The Week Ahead

x Treat your parents to a meal. Even if they’re not “perfect” (oh, who is?!), they patiently endured your Slipknot-blaring-down-the-hallway-as-a-teenager phase (gulp!) and for that alone, they deserve a superb glass of wine and an exquisite dinner.

x Invest in the concept of ‘everyday luxury’. Okay, so that insanely soft Egyptian cotton bed linen I mentioned before? It’s divine! But honestly, would I have invested in $500 worth of bed linen had it not been gloriously reduced to $200? No. Why?!

We’ll fork over $70 for a pair of heels, whip out $30 for takeaway and spend almost $100 on groceries in minutes, but when it comes to spending coin on something that we use every. single. day (and for something as crucial as SLEEP!), why are we so hesitant to invest in ourselves? Next time you’re shopping for an essential, splurge on yourself. You’re ENTIRELY worth it!

Happy, happy Monday! How was your week? What did you see? What did you do(And what will you order when I take you out for our “I’m hideously sorry, please forgive me!” lunch?)



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