What The Frock?! : 23/04/11 ♥

Hello from delighful Clontarf Beach, Sydney!

With winter on its chilly way (brrr!), what could be more alluring than a seaside frolic on an exquisitely warm April day?


And as my boyfriend and I ventured out for cupcakes, chocolate nibbling (happy Easter!) and a teeny-tiny picnic, that’s precisely what we did!


What I’m Wearing:

x Floral maxi-dress (reduced to $7 in a summer clearance sale, woo HOO!) and sandals, Target
x Black high-waisted belt and shrug, Cotton On
Eiffel Tower pendant and trilby (strange name!), Sportsgirl

Frock & Roll

Have you ever visited Clontarf Beach? (Okay, so if you’re currently residing in Turkmenistan, it’s likely that your answer will be a loud, resounding “no”!) It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Golden sand! Enormous stretches of green land! Crystal blue water as far as the eye can see! It’s the perfect spot for an afternoon dip and enjoying all of summer’s finery, and yet, even after eleven years of living in Sydney, I’d still never traipsed through there before!

Frock & Roll

It all prompted some s-e-r-i-o-u-s questions: honestly, how many teeth do yellow-bellied sapsucker birds possess? No! Can we hereby declare 2011 the year of “falling in love with your city”?

After all, how many glorious beaches, parks and restaurants exist in our magnificent cities that we’ve never stumbled across? There must be a HEAP of phenomenal sights and interesting suburbs to uncover, just aching to be taken in and explored!

Let’s book our next catch-up with our friends at an unusual cafe`, try that bizarre little store we’ve driven past or zoomed by on the bus a billion times before (oh, you know the ONE!), and use that coupon for those half-price salsa lessons in the community newspaper, shall we? Let’s dedicate the remaining eight months of the year (yes, eight! Gulp!) to perusing the unknown, and having an excellent adventure with the city that surrounds us! (We’ll be so grateful that we did!)



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