Thank Frock It’s Friday! (Uh, Sunday!) ♥


(Actually, what a crazy, whirlwind month it’s been. Can you believe that it’s June in two days?! @%&^!)  

After just describing a lovely wine and dine cruise for a flier as awhine and dine experience’’ and pouring orange juice onto my plate instead of my glass (d’oh!), Friday Sunday, you couldn’t have sauntered in sooner. Sit down, relax and let’s discuss the finest moments from the week that was!

x High Tea At The Victoria Tea Room, Darlinghurst, Sydney – Well la-di-dah! Have you ever had a high tea experience? I recently visited The Victoria Tea Room for my friend Carmen’s birthday and PHWOAR, what a fabulous frolic through Fun Town that was! Elaborately furnished with chandeliers and enormous vintage armchairs, you’re served miniature cakes, scones with fresh cream and strawberry jam and dainty little cucumber and watercress sandwiches as you swill tea, crook your pinkies (I jest!) and natter away. At $55 per person, it’s not exactly a cheap lunch-time affair, but if you’re looking for something different to do, it definitely comes recommended!

x Lovisa Accessories – (Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Lovisa Accessories. I absolutely wish that I was!) With cute, interesting pieces displaying teeny-tiny price tags, I’m head-over-heels for this brand spanking new retail gem. (And honestly, can you blame me?! I scored the below haul for $8! $8!)

x Remembering That The Best Things In Life Are Free –
(Exclaims the muppet extolling the virtues of slightly extravagant lunches and bargain-priced jewellery. I know, I know, but bear with me!) Okay, so slightly extravagant lunches and bargain-priced jewellery ARE superb and all, but honestly? The highlights of my week (attempting to climb trees and failing miserably, basking in the small glimpses of winter sunshine, having conversations with family and laughing like a lunatic!) haven’t cost a DIME, and sometimes it’s worth recalling the amount of enjoyment that can be had without spending a cent, isn’t it?

x Other Little Things – Vivienne Westwood’s seriously sizzly ‘Naughty Alice’ fragrance (have you smelled it?! What an intoxicating little blend!); Kate Nash’s delightful Cockney accent; Mary Portas: Queen Of Shops (I LOVE Mary. Her outfits are consistently impeccable and she’s DIRECT. I also love direct. Where’s the brilliance in beating around the bush or half-hearted communication?!); saying to my boyfriend “do you know what movie I’ve always wanted to see?’’ Tom: Snakes On A Plane?’’ Me: “No. Well, kind of. But Yes Man!’’ and then turning on the TV to see that BOOM! Yes Man is about to commence! (Fist pump!); The Mentalist; not-so-secretly wishing that there was a Marge Simpson-style make-up gun for mornings where I’ve stayed up all night watching The Mentalist; laying my eyes upon what was possibly the best Facebook status ever (“correct me if I’m wrong, but Haddaway’s ‘What Is Love’ is up there with the best dance songs of all time!”) – seriously, WHAT?!; the final guitar solo in Pantera’s Floods (an eternal favourite!); and weird milkshake art:

Spotted while strolling through Bayview one morning: hundreds of empty milkshake cartons secured to a telegraph pole and the surrounding grass area. Innnteresting!

Corrine Lynskey Frock & Roll
Random blurry mobile phone kitchen photography. HI!

Suggestions For The Week Ahead

x Savour your surroundings. Without wanting to sound like the Panic Police… LIFE IS PASSING US BY! Truly, it’s zooming along, and we’re rush-rush-rushing forwards with it! This week, take a moment (or ten) to really survey your surroundings and admire them. Go for a morning stroll and inhale everything. Sit in your living room, observe the possessions you’ve cultivated and appreciate them. Be still. RELAX. Notice the details. It’s so enormously easy to take the simplest of things for granted, but so, so completely worth acknowledging them!

x Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Of course, you’re excellent and sincere and already 110% understand the importance of this, but goodness is it worth repeating! Be genuine. Don’t dispense promises that you aren’t willing to keep. If a situation is making you feel uncomfortable, high-tail it out of there! Your time, actions and speech are immensely valuable. Use them wisely!

Happy, happy weekend to you! What are your current favourite things? How was YOUR week?! I hope it’s been an exceptional one! (And that you’ve never had to clean up orange juice that’s spilled everywhere because ugh, what a MESS!)



8 responses to “Thank Frock It’s Friday! (Uh, Sunday!) ♥

  1. High Tea… that sounds so glamorous *_*.

    Things I love this week:

    – Watching the Champions League final with the boys (poor Chicharito he cried so hard but the Barcelona FC was definitely superior to Manchester United… yeah I know a lot about football :P)

    – Going to my friend’s prom and having a very nice time

    – Getting my degree 😀 and my official Engineer license

    – Filling and sending applications for … ?

    You’re awesome Corrine :DD.

  2. Julie – Haha awww, YOU’RE awesome, Julie! And congratulations again on graduating, YOU’RE AN OFFICIAL ENGINEER! 😀 How exciting!

  3. Soooooooooooo happy to be relaxing this weekend and watching movies +)

  4. Those accessories are incredibly cute! I can’t believe you got all that for only $8. So awesome!

  5. I totally agree with you on the fact that the greatest pleasure are free and we must get conscious of this. I love the improvised “street art” with the milkshake cartons.. 🙂

  6. Those turquoise earrings are beautiful.

  7. The earrings look so cute!

    Maybe a pic with you wearing them?

    Thanks for the cmt btw, I´m sure that Jenni will be happy about it too 🙂

  8. High Tea at the Victorian Tea Room looks AMAZING! Yum! There’s a place up here in Brisbane that does a chocolate high tea… me and my bestie are looking to head there in the next few weeks! 🙂

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