What The Frock?! : 31/05/11 ♥

It’s raining, it’s pouring, come on Mother Nature, this constant downpour is getting boring!

All musical foolery aside, it’s been BUCKETING down here in Sydney lately, and although I wouldn’t uuusually bang the “eek! Winter!” drum (I’m one of those nutters who actually loves the cold!), look! This climate madness has to be seen to be believed!

As I stepped out of my front door yesterday, everything was grey. The sky! The ocean! The nearby trees reflecting the apocalyptic-like colours from the sky and ocean! It was all incredibly eerie, so I quickly snapped a couple of photographs (please note: these are NOT in black and white!) on my way:



What The Frock?! : 31/05/11 ♥

What The Frock?! : 31/05/11 ♥

Thankfully today’s weather has been far less dramatic, but an umbrella is still currently a must-have accessory! (Ridiculous twirling optional.)

What I’m Wearing:

x Target galaxy-style dress and cardigan
x Lovisa skull pin
x Spend-less Shoes ankle boots, a kind gift from Westfield Australia, who have just launched their shiny new online footwear department (if, like me, you’ve spent the past 10 years of your shopping life DESPISING searching for shoes because you’re never sure which store stocks which brands and which sizes to fit your gigantic feet, this is terrific news! No more wondering! No more drifting despondently from store to store! Hooray, hooray, hooray!)

What The Frock?! : 31/05/11 ♥

What The Frock?! : 31/05/11 ♥

However you’re spending your day, I hope it’s much warmer where you are!



15 responses to “What The Frock?! : 31/05/11 ♥

  1. That is SUCH a gorgeous dress. Love it. And, I love a bit ‘o ridiculous umbrella twirling!

  2. What a wonderful pics. Love your dress.Thans for your nice comment

  3. I follow a bunch of people from your area on Twitter and kept hearing about the insane rain you guys were having! Uck! Your outfit is super cute though =p

  4. Rain? Downpour? Unintentiontal black and whote pictures? Yes please! I’m in the middle of a heat wave here and get excited with a little drizzle. I’m in a constant state of melting >_<.

    I really love your dress Corrine, you are so cute. (Umbrealla twirling? Count me in!)

  5. rain all the time is boring indeed and make us want to stay in bed all day but I love the atmosphere of your photos and you look really lovely with your umbrella!

  6. Did you know that the sun was shining and also raining pretty hard this morning in Hawaii? And all day today, it was gloomy and sunshine every five minutes! Our weather is controlled by a crazy person! Anyway, I love your dress! xoxoxoo

  7. MsCritique – Awww! Thank-you so much, Cheri!

    Yoana – Thank-you, and you’re extremely welcome!

    Melanie – Ha! Really?! I’m not surprised, it’s seriously been CHAOTIC! Thank-you so much, Melanie!

    Julie – Julie, if you were any sweeter, you’d be an enormous bag of sugar. Thank-you so much, miss!

    soapymermaid – Indeed it does, I wasn’t incredibly enthusiastic about braving THAT on Monday morning, let me tell you! Thank-you for your lovely comment.

    Shin – And here I was thinking Hawaii was all endless blue skies. That’s crazy! How on earth do you dress for weather like that?! And thanks Shin!

  8. Oh my gosh, I love that dress! And your adorable boots! And your even-more-adorable smile!

    Those pictures are pretty whacked out – I can’t believe it got that dark!

  9. I know the feeling – it’s not exactly the Costa Del Sol in dear old blighty either. Still, I can’t complain, as I prefer to dress for winter 🙂

    That dress is splendid. I’m such a fan of print.

  10. Love your blog & style

  11. Wow, those black and white (but not black and white) photos are amazing!

    I just got home to Perth after a weekend in Melbourne – it was SO cold but luckily there wasn’t much rain. At home it’s rainy as f*ck but it’s a few degrees warmer – can’t have it all 🙂

  12. Its been pretty wet here in NZ too! I love your dress and boots. They really suit you!

  13. Great photos ops though, in spite of the rain 🙂

    It’s lovely in Ireland this week- one of the very very rare occasions that we beat you on weather!

  14. LOVE your dress and those boots are awesome!!

  15. It is indeed MUCH warmer where I am but with rain added into that, so it’s unbelievably moist outside. There were storms and hail everywhere in Germany yesterday but for some reason not around here 😦

    Those are some amazing photos!

    I really love your shoes!

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