Art Is Everything, Everything Is Art (Or, HEY! Let’s Not Ever Judge Anyone’s Career!) ♥

There’s a teensy bit of social stigma when it comes to certain jobs and industries, isn’t there?

I mean, if you were to reveal that you were employed by a retail corporation such as, say, McDonald’s, beyond the age of 18, whoa! Look out Failure Town! Judging by the concerned glances and raised eyebrows from everyone around after your imaginary admission, there’s a brand spanking new resident strutting about, and apparently it’s yooou!

If you were to declare that you were waitressing at your next dinner party, well DAMN. “What are you DOING with your life?!’’ Somebody might ponder. (Or, worse still, pipe up.) “Certainly not succeeding, that’s what!’’

And if you admitted to working in Office Administration? Ack! Can you imagine the possible disinterest that you’d receive? Believing that you’re obviously a boring individual with no creative spark or interesting tales to divulge whatsoever, it’s probable that the career grilling would then promptly be shifted to another conversation candidate, only to leave you feeling totally and utterly BEWILDERED.

Of course, this is a colossal generalisation and certainly doesn’t reflect everyone’s perceptions, but gosh, can we briefly discuss the insanity lodged in the mindsets of those that it does?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself, launch into a fresh direction or aspiring to be or do something completely different to what you’re currently doing. (In fact, go for it!)

But there’s also nothing wrong with feeling comfortable with whatever the heck you’re doing, taking pride in the duties that you’re performing and feeling as though you’re making a valuable contribution to the world. Because you are.

Despite what anyone ever tells you (and for the record, the people that communicate otherwise? They’re muppets!), there’s a level of skill, creativity and purpose embedded in all vocations, and everything is a form of art. There’s an art to pouring the perfect coffee, mastering exceptional customer service, and taming a wild inbox on a Monday morning.

There’s an art to constructing a delectable sandwich, plucking a smile from a hysterical child (ooh, is there ever!) and carefully recording each and every single clerical detail.

Art is everything, and everything is art, and regardless of your role, you’re ingeniously contributing something magnificent to the world each day. (Yes, you are!)



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