Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

It’s the end of the week, it’s the end of the week, and thank FROCK for all of the splendid moments that have occurred in between!

Such as…

x Planning A Return Trip To Wellington, New Zealand In July/August – After realising that it’s been 11 years since I’ve visited my hometown (11 years!) and that for some odd reason, I’ve been poring over photographs of it lately and really, REALLY missing it (I mean no disrespect, Wellington, it’s just that I’m usually a future-future-looking-forwards kind of girl!), I decided to end the madness and book a miniature holiday there! It’s only a quick Friday-Wednesday jaunt, but oh, I can’t WAIT. I’m going to re-visit all of my old haunts, freeze myself senseless (it will be c-c-cold!) and generally zoom around trying to see as much as possible, and it’s going to be grand! (Or, at least that’s the plan!) If you’d like to meet up for a coffee, wine, walk or whatever while I’m there, absolutely do! Flick me a message on Facebook or to and let’s organise an outing!

x Spotting My Own Mug In The Essential Guide To Twitter Magazine – So there I was last weekend, just flicking through The Essential Guide To Twitter magazine (a brand spanking new publication in Australia dedicated to, of all things, TWITTER!) in my local newsagency when I reached page 187 and thought “hey! That mug looks suspiciously familiar…”  (And Alex, if you’re reading this? Again, there’s no ACTUAL mug here, ha! Stop looking!)

Corrine Lynskey Frock & Roll Frock and Roll

Can you believe it?! It’s my silly mug! (Thank-you so, so much, lovely Twitter magazine folk!)

x Other Little Things – Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album (I can’t believe that for some foolish reason, I was so reluctant to like Lady Gaga in 2009. Why?! She’s fantastic, and I’ve been listening to Bloody Mary, Government Hooker, Scheiße, Heavy Metal Lover and Judas all week!); mind-blowingly delicious Japanese food (I tried egg and spinach fried tofu on Saturday night with shallot noodles, and JEEZ! Talk about y-u-m!); so-ridiculous-they-need-to-be-acknowledged pick-up lines (Guy: “What’s your secret to looking so young and sexy?” Me: *spluttering on my own breaths from laughter and attempting to devise the stupidest answer possible* ”Uh… alcohol?” Guy: “Okay, so when are we drinking?” – honestly, WHAT?! I can’t even begin to process how crazy that conversation was!); enormous pizzas from The Bayview Kiosk; Frock & Roll feedback from my father: “your poll asks what you’d like to see more of on your website, but there’s no ‘sport’ option”; remembering what’s important; my Ma, my Ma, my Ma; my Pa, my Pa, my Pa; fingerless gloves (I plan to snap some up today!); Burt’s Bees’ lip treatments (it’s extremely likely that I’ve previously discussed these, but they’re deserving of a repeat mention because they’re the best I’ve stumbled across!); coconut chips; beetroot chips (seriously! They exist, and they’re nowhere near as vile as they sound); meeting new people (again, I probably prattle on about this each week, but I DO! It’s one of my favourite activities ever); and HIGHLY anticipating Corey Taylor’s Seven Deadly Sins biography!

Suggestions For The Week Ahead

x We’ve ALL got a spare beauty product or five lurking in our bathroom cupboards, right? (They’re just so darn easy to accumulate!) Clear the clutter and complete an excellent deed this week by hurling any unused lip balms, lotions and potions into a plastic bag and donating them to your local women’s shelter or refuge centre. (Not sure where this is? Easy peasy! Simply type your city’s name into Google followed by “women’s shelter” or ”women’s refuge centre” and locate. TA-DAH!)

x Learn to identify situations which are and aren’t worth your emotions. Truly, how many seconds, minutes and even hours do we spend each week fretting over matters which COMPLETELY aren’t worth our time (that crappy comment from a colleague, an insensitive remark from a family member…)? I drive myself c-r-a-z-y by thinking back to certain events and recalling how much angst-filled mental real estate I allowed them to occupy! When you feel yourself getting flustered by something (or someone), inhale, exhale and remember that it’s not worth any prolonged frustration. It never will be. Time is too precious. Let’s not wait until we’re 80 to acknowledge this!

Well-ity well, it’s that time again! How was YOUR week? What are you presently enthused about? Tell me a story! Share a tale! (Heck, you can even share your plans for dinner if you like! I’m settling in for a vegetarian roast with some mashed potato and spinach. WOO!)



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