Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

Eek! It’s super late (excuse me for the tardiness, but yesterday was one of those “huh? It’s 12.00AM already?!” kind of days), but HEY! There’s always time to celebrate what’s great!

If you’re new to the Thank Frock It’s Friday party, welcome aboard. Grab yourself a drink (there’s orange juice and wine in the fridge!), get comfortable and feel free to join in on the chit-chat as we salute the arrival of the weekend and share the very best moments from the week that was!

x Becoming A Qualified Barista (WHAT?! Who?! What, Who, Who, What?!) & Challenging Your Knowledge In General – Confession: I have a TREMENDOUS appreciation for learning new things (it borderlines on being stupid – the other day I managed to successfully trim a leek and was on cloud nine for at least an hour!), so when I spotted a heavily discounted course from The Sydney Coffee School offering the opportunity to acquire barista and latte art skills in six hours, well goodness, how could I REFUSE?! The thrill of a fresh experience will always appeal to me! I eagerly signed up and possibly surprisingly, it was a heap of fun. Flat white, anyone?!

x The Nokia C7 – If you’ve ever thought ”say, wouldn’t it be neat-o if my phone automatically displayed Facebook and Twitter updates so that I didn’t have to constantly login anywhere?”, set your faces to STUNNED (no, really, do!), because this baby is one nifty little piece of technology! Ultra sleek (it’s a deluxe gun-metal grey and oh-so shiny), ultra thin (it’s tiny!) and enabling you to easily save pictures of your most-dialled callers to your screen (it’s like speed-dial, but much, much cooler!), the team at Nokia Australia were extremely kind to send the device to this social media-obsessed nitwit yesterday, and I’ve been playing with it in awe ever since! (Isn’t it amazing what mobile phones can do these days?! Soon they’ll practically be cleaning the house, too!)



x Plotting Crazy Projects – As I recently wandered around the shopping mall taking in all manners of puzzling clothing items (a dress, cardigan and shirt stuck together as one piece? Really?!) and wishing that I could grab them and say to you “now this. What on earth is THIS?!”, an idea hit me: what if there was to be a Frock & Roll TV?! You know, like a weekly filmed foray into shopping adventures, blogging fodder and general madness? (And perhaps even interviews with other people?) I think it could be an interesting experiment! (That, or a terrible, embarrassing mess. Have I mentioned that I despise the sound of my own voice?! ) Either way, I’m excited, and will be planning the first episode over the next month! G-u-l-p!

x Other Little Things – Old-school Incubus; perfect, quiet, spectacularly lame tame evenings in (and if they involve devouring Crust pizza and perusing random objects on Ebay? EVEN BETTER!); Michael Jackson; gold kiwifruit; loading up on craft supplies (ooh, just you wait until you see the tutorial that’s swinging by tomorrow! Hint: it involves copious amounts of glitter); random cartoons from my boyfriend (fact: sometimes he leaves me ridiculous drawings of animals dressed as detectives to come home to. I giggle!); and this video! (I’m sorry, but WHAT THE HECK?! I cried. Twice. With laughter!)

Suggestions For The Week Ahead

x Realise that you make your own luck and that you don’t have to accept other people’s notions as the truth! I was goofing around on Tuesday evening when I wailed dramatically to someone “noooo! Really?! All of my hopes and dreams are CRUSHED!” when, overhearing this, an older woman looked at me (in all seriousness) and replied “oh, well. That’s what you’ll get for hoping and dreaming. You’ll know never to do that again.” It was a sad moment. I felt awful that she’d obviously been through something troubling enough to believe that, but also that she thought that was advice worth dispensing. It’s ALWAYS worth hoping and dreaming! It’s eternally worth trying! You’ll never be able to control the situations that are thrown your way, but you can dictate how you’ll live your life the remainder of the time! (And why not make it as magnificent as it can be?!)

x Meet someone for a mid-week lunch date. An ex-high school friend working in a nearby street? A quick picnic shared with your sister? Takeaway food pre-ordered to be delivered to your beloved? GO ON! Break up the working week and surprise someone!

x Keep the television switched off and have a music appreciation night, instead.



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