Tempura, Tofu & Internet Friends: Dinner At Koi Restaurant, Sydney! ♥


Last night five spectacularly lovely ladies (and myself!) braved the wild Sydney weather to mingle at Koi in Darlinghurst (because when Sarah Von of Yes & Yes announces that she’s coming to town and that she’d like to co-host a dinner party with you, there’s really only one answer to deliver: “yes and YES!’’), and goodness gracious gyoza dumplings, what an EVENING it was!

Delicious food was gobbled, many, many topics were combed through (blogging! Travelling! Blogging while travelling!) and tips, tricks and stories galore were shared. F-u-n!

Can I take a moment to gush about how brilliant Sarah was?! Seriously, what. a. GIRL. She was hilarious, intelligent and astoundingly sweet (of course!), and charismatic enough to seamlessly continue conversations even after some truly stupid tongue-tied moments from moi:

Sarah: “So tell me about your apartment, dude! What’s it like?!” (Yes, she really does speak this awesomely in “real life”.)
Me: “Um… yeah! It’s… uh… well… it’s apartment-like. Yep. Oh, hang on… are we not supposed to be eating these beans whole?!”

(Ooh, I was not on top of my communication game last night. You know those moments where “cool!” and ”good!” become “cood!” and ”gool”?! Uh huh. There were plenty of them. Yikes!) Anyyyhoo. Let’s take a peek at some pictures!

Sydney Bloggers Koi Restaurant Sarah Von Yes & Yes

Gorgeous girls! (And some fool with her eyes shut.) From left to right: the adorable Anna, myself, Sarah, Bec (who was sporting a particularly nifty raspberry-hued hat), photographer extraordinaire Cathy and Rachel, who dreams of opening a magnificent candy store. (And what’s not fantastic about that?!)

Sydney Bloggers Koi Restaurant Sarah Von Yes & Yes

Fruit salad and ice-cream spring rolls. All together now: ”mmmmmmmmmmmm!”

Sydney Bloggers Koi Restaurant Sarah Von Yes & Yes

Perched at Kings Cross station (and sporting some extremely questionable yellow nail polish) with Sarah. (And hey, what do you know… MY EYES ARE SHUT AGAIN! D’OH!)

Isn’t the internet a weird, wonderful place?! It constantly flabbergasts me that every time we view or create something online, we’re actually connecting with other people. Other excellent, extraordinary people. Sharing our LIVES. Becoming invested in theirs. (One of the subjects discussed at the table was how strangely emotional we felt when an awful event, such as a relationship breakdown or an illness, occurred to a person whose blog we’d been reading, but you DO, don’t you?! Wacky or not, you DO care! You do share their sadness and immediately wish that you could wave it away with an enormous magic wand!) It’s a remarkable thing.

Thank-you so, so much to everyone who came along! (And I hope to meet ALL of you one day! But, um, hopefully with my eyes open.)



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