Style Challenge: Could You Wear A Nightie As A… Dress?! ♥

“$2!’’ The price tag practically screamed. “I’m $2 and a fancy, frilled nightgown! Corrine, riddle me this: where ARE you going to find a better bargain today?’’

I gazed over at it, all black, lacy and smug. It was right.

Sure, consulting a medical professional over the alarming frequency in which I converse with garments may have been a more appropriate idea (don’t even get me started on the banter I exchanged with a sock last night, oh no!), but I DID IT! I yanked the nightgown out of the clearance basket and I BOUGHT it!

The method behind my sudden (ha, sudden. Please!) madness? To whisk it home and see if it could be fashioned into an everyday ensemble, a la a style challenge, perfect for shopping and sitting on bridges in (and definitely not just for slumbering in), and here we have it!

wearing a nightie as a dress, wearing a slip as a dress, black lace nightie, nightie, lacy nightie

Miss “I’m $2. What more could you want from life?’’

Honestly (and surprisingly), it was functional. COMFORTABLE. There were no “quick! Did you see that twit? She’s wearing a nightie!’’ whispers as I stomped around town, and my boyfriend didn’t get that particular flash of fear in his eye as I marched out of the bedroom. (Have you ever seen that look?! Oh, it’s a goodie! It last made an appearance when I attempted to smother myself in a tulle number for a barbecue. Fun!)

Additional Adventures In ”Hi, I’m Wearing A Nightie… As A DRESS!” Land

wearing a nightie as a dress, wearing a slip as a dress, black lace nightie, nightie, lacy nightie

Doesn’t Emily from Emily O Photography‘s night gown-over-jeans combination look sensational? Nice work!

wearing a nightie as a dress, wearing a slip as a dress, black lace nightie, nightie, lacy nightie

And then there’s Gala’s divine powder-pink slip! (Which, if it was any cuter, I’m preeetty sure we’d have to notify the Cute Police about.)

wearing a nightie as a dress, wearing a slip as a dress, black lace nightie, nightie, lacy nightie

And finally, WOW Megan Nielsen! That’s a nightie?! What a spectacular thrift find!

Have YOU ever donned a nightgown in public before? Would you ever don a nightgown in public? Is it an item that can successfully be introduced to the outdoors, or are you just shaking your head right now and thinking, ‘’Corrine, you look like a complete fool. And you’re wearing a NIGHTIE!’’?



17 responses to “Style Challenge: Could You Wear A Nightie As A… Dress?! ♥

  1. It’s so stupid isn’t that – that we label something a nightie and suddenly can’t wear it outdoors!

    When I first came to Tokyo it was stinking hot and i didn’t have any t-shirts so I often wore my pj tops around.

  2. Kathryn – Isn’t it?! And ha, REALLY?! That’s great! Did anybody ever say anything? (And I’m assuming that they were silk? Clever!)

  3. I love this look! I used to be fond of wearing a vintage slip – pink satin with a lace insert! – belted around the waist. Always a winner! And even better when it’s a bargain!

  4. Haha, I love that look of fear you describe! I get it occasionally from my husband too 🙂

    I have often debated on the nightie as day wear issue with myself but I just don’t have the courage!

    You on the other hand, carry it off spectacularly 🙂

  5. I have a gorgeous vintage nightie that I picked up in Napier – $2 at an op-shop! I frequently wear it as a dress. It’s actually quite good as a clubbing dress – it’s sheer but not skankily so, and paired with lacy bra it looks awesome (trust me, not as skanky as it sounds! It’s sheer done classily).

  6. I’ve done it! I have a little purple number with yellow polka dots that I’ve worn not once but numerous times out in public. Not even part of an ensemble, just a “dress” and shoes!

  7. I personally think that nightie looks fabulous as a dress! Far too fabulous to not wear outside the house. I’m a big fan of sleepwear-worn-not-for-sleeping. Sometimes it has the best patterns!

  8. I remember when this was all the rage circa 1994 (due in large part to one Courtney Love, I believe) I would do it now – and actually if I can find some cute/cheap nighties I would like to this summer since it’s already scorching here 😉 Thanks for the idea!

  9. I love love love the idea of wearing a night gown outdoors! you are very chic in yours! I totally adhere t that trend!

  10. About night garments used as day clothes I went as far as using some pajama leggings as… wait for it… leggings! Duh…

    But these night gowns are so lovely, maybe I should give this a try! 🙂

  11. Sold. I’m trying this!

  12. TOO FUNNY that I just read this, because I was totally looking at the sleepwear section on Anthropologie today and saw a slip/nightie in the sleepwear section that I’m totally going to buy and wear as a dress. Why not, right?! Wear what makes ya happy! And you look pretty effing happy!

  13. I love this look, its so perfect for summer, and so cheap too.

  14. That’s awesome. And SUCH a great find and bargain too! Great work! I wouldn’t have thought that was a nighty! ^^

  15. You look fabulous! And..yes…I have.

  16. I have totally worn a nightie out before… fact, more than once. My favourite summer dress is actually a nightie from Country Road, which I adore. Its kind of one of those old fashioned, pin tucked vintage affairs and has amazing cleavage!

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