Thank Frock It’s The Weekend! ♥


Goodness, how are YOU?! It feels as though it’s been forever! (What’s that? Did somebody murmur “Library & Roll’?!)

I know it’s been whisper-quiet around here lately (it’s an admission that’s unlikely to grace the pages of Original Excuses Monthly, but I’ve been an extremely busy wee bee!), but alas, I’ll spare you the snooze-worthy details. (E-mails! Meetings! 24 HOUR COPYWRITING DEADLINES!) It’s the weekend, so it’s time to celebrate the wonderful things!

x That Deliciously Golden Moment When You’ve Got Nothing Left To Lose – (You know when you’re in an uncomfortable situation – physically, socially or emotionally – but commit to taking a deep breath, speaking the truth and acting fearlessly anyway? Uh huh!) Because when you’re bold, brave and honest, you’re brilliant. ALWAYS!

x Fossicking Through Rock Pools – Sometimes I’ll find myself gawking out the window thinking, “wow, wouldn’t it be terrific to trawl through those rock pools which are practically at the end of the street? It would! *insert dramatic, wistful sigh here* Oh, well. One day, when I have a moment, I will. BETTER CHECK TWITTER/FACEBOOK!’’ (Did you hear that? That’s the sound of me walloping myself over my own stupidity. WHACK!)

WELL. On Wednesday afternoon, I decided that enough was enough. I grabbed my camera, gave myself a verbal slap of reality (“you see, the thing about those rock pools that are practically at the end of the street, Corrine, is… THAT THEY’RE PRACTICALLY AT THE END OF THE STREET! Did you hear me? THE! END! OF! THE! STREET! That you’re on! What, you don’t have time to wander down a street? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!’’), and bolted out the door to explore!

How I spent my afternoon: fossicking for creatures in rockpools. ♥

How I spent my afternoon: fossicking for creatures in rockpools. ♥

Hi! ♥

(Pardon the awful self-portrait – and slightly gag-inducing confession – but I had to capture the ”eek! Isn’t the world beautiful?! I’m so grateful to be alive!” moment. Hopping around those rock pools was one of the most glorious activities that I’ve completed in MONTHS!)

x Packages From Tights PleaseI have coloured leggings and stockings to experiment with. NERVES!

x Other Little Things – Air’s Playground Love (honestly, this song absolutely KILLS me with its beauty! It’s so dreamy and enchanting and sheesh, what about those LYRICS?! ”You’re the piece of gold… that flashes on my soul”? Argh! S-t-o-p!); actually, Air in general (have you listened to Surfing On A Rocket and Cherry Blossom Girl? What musical treats!); client referrals (whoa! Wow! WHEE!) and big business developments; being greeted with “so… where’s your nightie?” (Ha! Thanks Jenni!); almond risotto and caper butter (um…YUM!); homemade pumpkin soup with cardamon; my magnificent friend Carmen and her magnificent company; good, looong gabs; crushed apple cider (hello, is that the New Favourite Drink Awards? Fantastic, because we have a wiiinner!); unexpected lunch dates; perusing jumpsuits (do I dare?); fear-inducing phone calls; incredibly sweet e-mails; my new hooded Slipknot jumper (it’s so deliciously fleecy and warm!); ludicrously adorable offers to be walked home; and secretly ordering my boyfriend pizza while he’s in the shower (teehee!).

Suggestions For The Week Ahead

x Purchase an obscenely colourful or sparkly wallet for your handbag. The brighter it is, the easier it’ll be to locate, and if regularly peering at a cheerful shade doesn’t put even the smallest of smiles on your dial, I’ll gobble my hat!

x Have an entertainment swap with a colleague or friend. Bundle a heap of your favourite books, DVD’s and magazines (heck, you could even exchange recipes!) into a hamper and ask the other person to do the same for you. Who knows what amazing finds you could discover?!

Happy, happy weekend! How was YOUR week? I hope it’s been a phenomenal one!



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