Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

Playing on the swings with Ruby & imitating ridiculous birds at Whale Beach, Sydney! ♥
Thank frock indeed!

Here’s what I’m loving this week: 

x Catching Up With Family – AWWW! My Auntie Ngaire and her adorable little daughter Ruby have been holidaying in Sydney from New Zealand this week, and do you know how lovely it’s been to catch up with them? EXTREMELY! (What is it about spending time with family that always feels extra-special? I don’t know, but it does!) We spent Tuesday playing tourist and visited Palm Beach (where television show Home & Away is filmed) and gobbled a delectable lunch at The Boathouse (no, really, I have visuals!), and it’s been great. I can’t wait to see them again tonight for a wine or two three!


Ngaire and Ruby. Aren’t they both absolutely STUNNING?! 

My Auntie & cousin from New Zealand are renting this apartment in Sydney for the week... um, CAN I LIVE HERE?! Look at that VIEW! (It's in Collaroy!)

The insane view from the apartment they’re staying in. UGH! Can you believe it?! I almost died when I spied it! (How is it even possible for properties this beautiful to exist?!)


x Divine Fish & Chips From The Boathouse, Palm Beach – Oh, BOY. Photographs don’t even begin to do these babies justice! They were sublime.

x Feeling Impatient (And Consequently Applying To Volunteer At My Local Retirement Village!)  Okay, so I don’t actually know whether this is a grand thing or not, but JEEZ I’ve been feeling impatient lately! It’s namely just towards excuses and personal procrastination, but all of a sudden I feel as though I have zero time for ”yeah, I would like to do that, but…”‘s or ”wouldn’t it be fun if…”? I mean, why even wonder anymore?! Why not just DO?! (And with that, I decided to apply to volunteer at my local retirement village today. I’ve been itching to do this for years, so the moment had well and truly come to pick up the phone and make plans!)

x Other Little Things – City & Colour (how neat are they?! Sometimes is marvellous); being played Madonna’s Waiting (oh. my. GOODNESS! It was in jest, but still! H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!); gobbling pistachio gelato; ”so, how’s the apartment?” ”Oh, wait until you SEE IT! You won’t know what to do with yourself! You won’t know what to do with your LIFE!” (a dramatic speaker, moi? Yes!); exciting freelance commissions (this morning I discovered that I’m going to be penning a piece for Dogs Life magazine in September!); expertly-crafted chai lattes; ‘do you know that when you look at me… it is a salvation?” (oh, Air, I’m still loving you!); Corey Taylor, Corey Taylor, Corey Taylor (he’s an author, singer, and – little-known fact – my absolute hero); playing on the swings at Whale Beach with Ruby and making ridiculous bird sounds; interesting phobias (I met a woman yesterday who was petrified of tomato sauce. How fantastic!); and DARES!

Suggestions For The Week Ahead

x Next time you’re feeling tremble-y about wading through a particular situation (whether it’s an exam, job interview or break-up), remember: MILLIONS of other people have been in similar positions and survived, so don’t fret! To quote the magical Molly, ”others might have been scared, or tense, or nervous, just like you, but they got through the tough spots, and so will you.”

x Buy a bundle of $2 lottery tickets and distribute them to people you love with your fingers crossed.

Happy, happy Friday! What are YOU loving today?



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