Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

If it isn’t our beautiful friend THE WEEKEND! Hello!

Now, although we traditionally celebrate all things wonderful on Friday, this week, I’d like to skip through something a little different and share what’s, well, sucked. You see, I recently read a colossally touching piece on depression at The Secret Life Of A Retail Assistant (a terrific blog!), and it was this quote in particular that truly had my brain tinkering away:

“The worst thing about depression is how alienated it makes me feel. I kind of think that if all of us came out and talked about depression – our depression, friends’, family members’, acquaintances’ depressions, fleeting depressions, chronic depression – that it might make all of us affected feel a little less alien. A little more at home within ourselves.”

Oh, sweet Stacey. YOU’RE SO NOT ALONE! We all have doubts about ourselves, days of pure despondency and sometimes, weeks from absolute hell. That’s LIFE! (I honestly don’t believe that these are emotions or experiences that ever disappear, regardless of who you are or how many pennies you possess in the bank – I just think we become better at developing a positive mindset – which is excellent! – to counteract these moments.)

In my endless, ridiculous quest for fun and adventure, both personally and on Frock & Roll, perhaps I’m not highlighting the crappy, cruddy and generally blah-di-dah occurrences of the everyday enough. So I’d like to! Today! It’s certainly not with the intention of depressing you (sheesh, that’d be the last thing that I’d ever want to do!), but rather, in the interest of keeping it r-e-a-l and reminding you that EVERYONE suffers stinkers of a time. And with that, here’s what I’m currently loathing!

x People Who Assume That You’re Mentally Playing The Wedding March If You’re Friendly To Them – ARGH! Does this ever happen to you?! I swear, this is becoming an increasingly common (and awkward) situation for me!

Approximately two months ago, this guy popped up all brand new on the scene… somewhere. (I won’t be incriminating and reveal where/how; there is a publicly available link to Frock & Roll on my Facebook profile, after all!) “Hi!” He started saying after a fortnight of exchanging “who the heck is that?” glances. “How are you?” He’d even muster sometimes. Sensing a green light for regular communication, I then started chirping “HEY! How are you?!” each time I saw him, which was apparently an extremely unwise move, because he immediately started avoiding me! I’m 99.9% convinced that he thinks I want to have his children. Isn’t it insane that treating people nicely could be perceived as an act to be suspicious of?! (Whenever I see him now I feel like bellowing “jeez buddy, come on! I’M NOT VISUALISING WEDDING GOWNS WHEN I LOOK AT YOU!”)

Photo 119
x Sitting (Read: STRESSING!) Between “I Have Absolutely No Time To Do Any Of My Copywriting Work… HELP!” And “But What If I Decide To Leave My Job And Never Land Another Project AGAIN?!”
When do you decide to take the leap and turn your part-time passion into a full-time career? It’s a question that I’ve been asking myself everyday this week! (And it’s a terrifying one, too. I’m constantly conscious of not complaining about work out of fear for ever being perceived as unprofessional or, uh, a jerk, but these past seven days have been HARD. Think slumbering at 2.00AM and rising again at 5.00AM each day to complete everything!)

x Other Little Things – Conversations that start with “hey, I was looking through your photographs on Facebook the other day… you know, those ones from when you used to be slim?” (um, gosh. THANKS, MISTER!); discovering that it is, in fact, possible to survive on one hour’s sleep (surprise, surprise, it’s not remotely enjoyable, either!); hearing that Topshop‘s coming to Australia (am I the only weirdo who DOESN’T get excited by the overseas chains that set up shop here? I mean, I love fashion and all, but one of the most exciting things about travelling used to be unearthing all of the unique, unusual stores overseas. It seems a little sad that we’re all becoming the same!); realising that I’m turning 24 next month (I still feel 18! CONFRONTING!); stereotypes and stigmas (ooh, do I have a post to share on these next week! Hint: I do); and bad manners (I witnessed somebody cut their toe nails on public transport the other day. Their toe nails! Not cool!).

I hope this exercise has demonstrated that NO-ONE’S perfect and that no existence is perfect! Please don’t ever succumb to any unnecessary feelings of inferiority! (Seriously, even Lady Gaga recently admitted that a heap of the time, she still feels like a “loser kid”. She’s one of the richest, most successful women in the world! It’s living proof that there’s not a single person immune from feeling disenchanted.)



9 responses to “Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

  1. Ugh, I seem to have the opposite problem as you do when it comes to guys at the moment… They know I’m taken yet always want to sit next to me (far too close, given my personal space issues), compliment me… I know I sound like an utter fool but it just makes me so uncomfortable. What makes it more creepy is that they don’t seem to get that I’m uncomfortable either.

    Businesswise, I have no idea whether I’ll be able to get a job next year. It’s an abysmal market for teachers over here and while I know I’m good at what I do, on paper no one is interested in a second year teacher. I may have no choice but to jump head first into making my side hustle my fulltime hustle… I’m still not sure how I feel about that! If there’s any way that you can cut back to part-time hours and ease your way into full-time freelancing, it might be an easier way to go. Just my 2 cents though.

  2. Awww, I love this post. ❤ Also, ew, what kind of person cuts their toenails on public transport?! That just freaks me out.

    I don't think you'd be in danger of leaving your job & never getting another project! You are intelligent, professional, and awesome – if you think it's time to take the leap into working for yourself, I say go for it!

  3. I agree so much with Scribbles! If there is anyway that you can start cutting back hours and make a smoother transition into freelancing then you should go for it!

    I work part-time in an agency which gives a small but steady income, but my main gig is my freelance studio.

  4. I usually LOVE your bloggy positivity but I think that what you’re doing – trying to make people feel less alone in their hard times – is very honourable 🙂

    Things that get me down at the moment are:

    Feeling inadequate as a pregnant woman. I don’t exercise the way everyone tells you to, I feel so tired and BIG already and I hate that this is because of the pregnancy rash I’ve suffered from. I know that I’ll get my act together by the third trimester (I’ve given myself a deadline to get A into G) but it’s tough. My body has been so unpredictable and thrown me many curve balls – I sometimes feel so unattractive.

    When the rash started, I truly believe that if I hadn’t got treatment when I did (2 weeks later), I was certainly headed for depression. I was so unbearably uncomfortable and sad. I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy and I was feeling really awful – I was in some pretty dark places and it felt like no-one would understand.

    I’m glad that I have come a lot further since then but this experience has definitely been difficult despite the glowing and the fussing everyone expects from me.

    I am SO excited for our little family-to-be, and closer to my husband but it does nag away at me and make me feel alone sometimes.

  5. Take the plunge. Seriously. You rock. Your blog rocks. I have absolutely no doubts that you would rock as a self-employed entrepreneur. But I think you’re going to need more than three hours of sleep a night 😉 Love your site. xo

  6. Scribbles – Aw! Ha, that happens TOO, but unless they’re someone that I don’t know, it doesn’t really bother me. It’s more funny than anything! I just joke around about it ;D

    And YES! Your business venture! (I just received your DM on Twitter; it looks fantastic!) I don’t know how I feel about easing into being a full-time freelancer, either (working for myself at home without anyone to gab to frightens me… I NEED human interaction!)… would it be possible to work part-time in teaching and then focus on BOS the rest of the time? That’s what I’m looking into! Having some part-time work outside of the office to keep me sane, and then working on my projects the rest of the time…

    Miss Peregrin – I KNOW! A nutter, that’s who! And thank-you so much, Stacey ♥ You sweetheart! Professionally I think it’s time, but I don’t know!

    Julie – That’s perfect! And yes, thank-you very much, ladies. I think that’s what I’m going to have to do!

    Kez – Oh, Kez. If only I could swoop you up in a gigantic hug and tell you how amazingly you’ve handled your pregnancy, because you HAVE! I know from reading your posts alone how hard you’ve been working to nurture yourself and your baby, and you deserve to be commended for that alone. My friend, you’re bringing a human BEING into this world! Take a second to marvel at just what you’re doing! It’s incredible!

    I’d also like to wager that, much like Stacey’s thoughts on the way people handle depression, there are many, MANY other women who feel exactly the same way about their pregnancies as you do, but don’t feel comfortable discussing their thoughts/lack an outlet where they can freely talk about their their emotions. (And that makes me sad. WHY don’t we have somewhere like that for women?! Look at what you’re doing!)

    Marzipan – Gosh, BLUSH! Thank-you so, so much for your kind words, Marzipan, how lovely are YOU?! (Answer: enormously!)


  7. I love this post, Corrine! Thanks for keeping it real and proving life is full of little dramas sometimes.


  8. Another one here agreeing with Scribbles, a slow transition / going part-time sounds like a fantastic idea. I’m sure you’ll make a success of it 🙂

  9. Corrine, I can relate. I had quite a little fun run with depression as I was ready to graduate college. Ok, I lie. It wasn’t fun. Not at all. And, I’ve known plenty of others who have faced similar things. Reach out, ask for help, stop trying to be perfect, stop trying to be everything to everyone……is what I’d say to those in similar situations. Beyond that, cutting toenails on public transport is bordering on the criminal. criminally GROSS. let’s see, what could i rant about, even though it’s monday now……….um, too many people I love facing illness. That’s the big one right now. So I’ll go with that.

    Have a great week.

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