The Nitwit’s Guide To Sock Buns: How To Do A Sock Bun/DIY Sock Buns ♥

Much like my non-existent flair for housework (me: “I want to do something new today! Something DIFFERENT!” Tom: “Hmmm, here’s a wild idea… CLEAN THE APARTMENT!”), I’m utterly useless when it comes to experimenting with excellent hairstyles.

Creating ultra-chic chignons? PLEASE! Twirling my tresses into elegant, elaborate braids? Well jeez, I’d love to be able to, but truthfully, I wouldn’t know where to start.

So when I heard about the almighty current hair craze that is the “sock bun” (no joke, I’ve seen it mentioned at least three times on Twitter this week!), I decided to give it a whirl, and devise some so-simple-even-an-enormous-nitwit-like-myself-could-pull-it-off instructions along the way.

And here they are!

kimkardishiansockbun celebritysockbun

Kim Kardishian rocking the sock bun” (and some magnificent earrings and make-up!).

What You’ll Need:

A pair of scissors (snip, snip!)
x A hair-tie/elastic
x Any old sock (if you’ve got one lurking around with a hole in the toes, PERFECT. Grab it! You’ll be cutting the bottom part off anyway.)

Step One

Remove the toe area of the sock with your trusty scissors and discard it, then roll the remaining length of fabric into a ‘donut’ (mmmm… donuts!) shape (as pictured above).

Now! Whip your hair upside down and gather it together, pulling it into a high ponytail (the higher the pony tail, the higher your bun placement), and secure it with an elastic/hair-tie.

Step Two

Place the sock donut at the end of your ponytail and pull your locks through the hole in the centre. Slowly roll the sock (along with your hair) down the shaft of your ponytail, starting from the ends of the hair, until you reach the base of your ponytail.

As you roll, continue tucking and spreading your hair under and around the donut/sock bun form (to avoid being able to actually SPOT your sock!). Note: this hairstyle is one that’s easiest to master with straight hair, but if you’re a curly-haired lass like myself, no problem. Just tidy up any loose strands with some bobby pins and a spritz of hairspray, and you’re set!

Blogger sock bun sock bun DIY bloggers sock buns

TA-DAH! One giant nitwit, and a sock bun! (Excuse the fluffy bathrobe I’m sporting. It’s positively arctic here in Sydney this afternoon!)


What do we think of the “sock bun”? Is this a hairstyle that you’d try?



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