A Reminder: Magic Does Happen ♥

magicdoeshappenSo there I was, just completing an obviously important task skulking around the apartment, bopping along to The Bee Gees, when I peered out my window and spotted something UNBELIEVABLE.

Was it weeds? Yes! (But come ooon. That’s hardly surprising, now, is it?! There is a garden out there, after all!)

Was it PIZZA?! No. (But cripes, that really would be shocking, wouldn’t it?! And delicious. Shocking and delicious!)

It was $20! $20!

$20 just *literally* blew into my backyard. WHAT! (And also... amazing!)
It’d literally blown into my backyard, and I couldn’t BELIEVE it. I mean… what?! Since when do $20 notes just fall from the sky and land on the ground like that?! I’m still struggling to comprehend it, but one thing that I do know is…

Magic does happen. Honestly. Sometimes, we’ve just got to have a peek around for it!



P.S. This is absolutely my “huh? THERE’S $20 OUTSIDE?!” face:

What a nutter. A WINTER nutter! (Brrr! It's getting cold in Sydney.) ♥


12 responses to “A Reminder: Magic Does Happen ♥

  1. Now that’s something you don’t see every day!

  2. Mrs. D – It certainly isn’t! 😀

  3. I think that we often forget about the little things that are just magic that happen to us all the time 🙂

  4. Julie – I couldn’t agree more. A future post, maybe? ;D It’s the little things which are often the BEST things! 🙂

  5. thats awesome! I found a dollar in an old purse this past weekend…not a lot but I was like yay money! haha

  6. My first thought: $20 buys pizza. haha.

    I am just as amazed. The only thing that has been left outside my window was a nice ‘present’ from my dog. Now to find a way for her to poop cash. 😀

  7. Awesome! Lucky you! 😀

  8. I love finding $20 in my coat pocket from the previous winter. Haven’t had them arrive outside my window though.

  9. Hahahaha, that’s awesome! What did you do with your little windfall?

  10. Clearly this is money from the fairies to be spent on a cocktail. Clearly.

  11. Paulina – Awww, thanks Paulina! 😀 Such a nice COMMENT!

    Melanie – WooHOO! It’s always an awesome feeling, no matter *how* small it is! ;D

    Anide – Hahahahaha! Well, when you find one, *absolutely* pass it on, because your surprises sound all too similar to mine! (I also have a dog. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!)

    Kasia – Thanks a bunch, Kasia! 🙂

    Angie – Finding $20 ANYWHERE is a fantastic feeling!

    Stacey – Thanks gorgeous! And I have a little inspiration board in my bedroom, and it’s currently pinned to that 🙂

    Siobhan – Oh Siobhan, I love the way you think. Yes. YEEESSS!

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