What The Frock?! : 27/05/12 ♥


At what point is something deliciously spontaneous or just downright… daft?!

As a dork who’s aware of stranger danger yet preaches (and firmly believes!) life is short. Break some RULES! Be d-a-r-i-n-g!”, it can be wildly difficult to distinguish between the two.

Last Tuesday, a friendly-seeming gentleman asked me if I’d like to grab a beverage with him some time. Was he charming? Yes! Were his manners impeccable? You BET! But as the words so, I’m actually new to this area of Sydney. Whereabouts do you usually hang out? Would you like to go out for a drink?” tumbled from his mouth, my mind started hissing you don’t know him! This is only the second time that you’ve ever spoken to him! What is this madness?! Abort the conversation. Abort, abort, ABORT!”

“Um,” I lamely mumbled, frantically searching my brain for a non-offensive excuse, I actually work weekends. Yeeeah. Oh, I’ve got to go now. BYE!”

What The Frock?! : 25/05/12 ♥
What I’m Wearing:

x Wanted’s ‘Prague’ combat boots
x ‘CORRINE’ silver handmade nameplate necklace
x Nasty Gal’s ‘Clever Minx’ coat (purchased on sale for $34. Ooh la la!)
x Backless black dress (guess what?! This actually used to belong to blogging/styling virtuoso, Hayley Hughes. I received it from her at a clothing swap party last year!)

“He was kind of CUTE!” The woman next to me exclaimed, nodding approvingly. I smiled, giggled and anxiously slinked away, frantically babbling to my best friend the next day (Caroline, I love you!):

“But he was NICE! I’m always saying that you should try new things, right? And be bold? WHAT IF HE WAS TRYING TO DO THAT?! What if he thought “okay, I’m going to take a risk and ask this girl out”, and I just ruined that? Oh my goodness, I feel like a jerk. WHAT IF HE NEVER ASKS ANYONE OUT EVER AGAIN?! Maybe I should have gone. Why didn’t I go?! Jeez. How can you identify the axe-wielding maniacs from the people who are genuinely trying to do something positive these days? @#&^!” (Phew. I’m sure there’s a queue of people just piling up to be buddies with me now… NOT!)

As the stupendous Seal warbles in Crazy,we’re never gonna survive… unless we get a little… CRAZY! No, we’re never gonna survive… unless we are a little… cccrazy!”, but what’s the difference between ‘good’ crazy and, as my beloved Christopher says, “not just your average “on the path to Crazy Town” kind of crazy, but “I’m not just on the path to Crazy Town, I’m driving the freaking BUS!” ” crazy? Would YOU have sipped vodkas with him?



7 responses to “What The Frock?! : 27/05/12 ♥

  1. I’d have probably gone the middle ground – invited him to have coffee or brunch with a group of friends. That way you can check out if he’s ok in safety – plus if he’s new in town he gets to met some people.

    of course I’m saying that now, with time to think. In RL I might just panic and run 😛

  2. Kathryn – That’s a *fantastic* idea. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?! And oh, yeah, my “I actually work weekends. Yeeeah. Oh, I’ve got to go now. BYE!” was TOTALLY the verbal equivalent of a ‘panic and run’! :p

  3. Listen to your inner voice – if it doesn’t feel right, it’s not!

  4. It’s really hard to judge in this type of situation. I think I would have taken him up on the offer, but make sure to meet in a well-populated area and have a friend pick you up afterwards. However, if you didn’t feel right about it, there’s no shame in saying ‘no’.

  5. Ooohh, that’s such a difficult situation. Safety vs Grabbing the world by the balls and having adventures. I think Tiara is right though, listen to the wee voice inside is the best thing to do.

  6. i love those bangs on you……and dont talk to strangers lol

  7. Tiara – Too true, Mother Dearest! Thaaanks 😀

    Nessbow – EXCELLENT advice. I think it was the whole ”you seem extremely kind, but… YOU’RE A TOTAL STRANGER!” thing that put me off, but your suggestions are fantastic. Plus, once you actually give out your number to someone, what do you do if they DO turn out to be a bit of a fruit loop?! Aye-yi-YI!

    Siobhan/Facets Of The Fabulous – It’s such a dilemma, isn’t it?! But I think you’re both right, too. Thanks a bunch for the input, lovely lady!

    Monica – HAHAHAHA! Thank-you so much, Monica 😀

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