Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

If you’re clicking here for the first time, WELCOME! Every Friday we celebrate the fact that – ding, ding! – it’s Friday, and our favourite things (late-night movie dates? Wet towels?! Okay, it’s probably not the latter…) from the week that was. Here’s what I’m currently loving!

Amazing Auckland, New Zealand <3

Quite the amazing sight, isn’t it?! Say hello to Auckland, New Zealand!

x Upcoming Travel – Or as the magnificent Madonna would purr, “holi-day… cele-brate! If we took a holiday, it would be… it would be so nice!” WOULDN’T IT, Madonna?! This is precisely why I’m skipping off to Auckland next weekend, and then Wellington the following week! (Hooray!) Few things make my heart happier than fossicking through different locations, so the days ahead will be a TREAT! I’m going to eagerly trundle my way through the city, boogie the night away at my Auntie’s disco-themed (the best kind of theme!) birthday party, lure my Mother away to lunch (she’s flying over from Australia for the occasion!) and more than likely cry with pride/anticipation at the sight of my little sister’s pregnant belly. The first flight on Thursday couldn’t come any sooner!

Richard's custom-made pool table cake. Happy Birthday, Rooster! <3

x Surprising My Beloved – It was Richard’s birthday a wee while ago, and I chose to live by the logic if you can’t surprise/embarrass the bejesus out of your loved one on the anniversary of their birth, then when CAN you?!”  After arranging to have a red rose, custom-made pool table cake and balloon delivered to his workplace on their morning tea break (in a panel-beating shop full of men, you can just imagine how this went down. Muahahahaha!), I organised for a bunch of pizzas to be sent during their lunch hour, and I swear, making a big fuss/waiting for the barrage of CORRINE! What have you done?!” messages was more enjoyable than sampling the creation (banana-flavoured, mmm) later itself. We’re only on this earth once; go hard or go home, I say!


x Other Little Things – Gin, lime and soda (a winning combination!); lying in bed and giggling; texts which alert you “don’t worry; I’m cooking dinner tonight, and it’s a SURPRISE!’(especially when you’re in the middle of faux-whining to one of your friends “ah, jeez. Meal inspiration is totally evading me tonight!”); warmer weather (winter, it’s been a joy, but… wait a minute. NO IT HASN’T. You’ve brought the freeze full-force this year, and I’m eagerly ushering spring in!); Limp Bizkit (a perennial favourite, no matter how uncool it is to love them!); gourmet sandwiches (pesto makes everything better); earthquake-free weeks (New Zealanders will understand!); invites to jump aboard new, fantastic-sounding projects (whee!); scooping up a rice cooker on sale for $19; Jelly Tip ice-creams; and finally, spending my final week as a 25 year-old. Eek! I’m 26 next Sunday! Is there anything radical/remarkable/ridiculous that I need to do before I creep closer towards the ’30’ club?!

Happy Friday to you! Do you have any super weekend plans to share?! Mine is looking q-u-i-e-t, but I’m scooting off to meet a former UK journalist who’s launching a brand-spanking new magazine here in Blenheim shortly, so hopefully that will be fun! (Or at least, interesting!)


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4 responses to “Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

  1. What a cute cake!!!!

  2. That cake is just genius.

    OOOH, you’re going to be an auntie! Congratulations :DDD.

    I hope you have an awesome time in your trips my dear.

  3. Seriously – THAT CAKE!! I am all about taking any opportunity to embarrass those closest to me. Let me know if you’re keen for a coffee date whilst you’re in my wee city:)

  4. Ling – I was SO impressed. I was originally going to try and make one myself (oh, the disaster that would’ve been!), but by the time I purchased all the ingredients/burned down my kitchen/cried into the cake batter from the sheer stress, I think it would’ve worked out to have been WAY more expensive than the $50 that the creator of it charged me!

    Julie – I KNOW! Crazy, right?! Let the shopping for cute baby clothes begin! 😀 Thank-you so much, Julie 😀

    Trees – That would be awesome! 😀

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