What The (Lovely!) Others Say

“DEFINITELY a star on the rise.”

– Onya Magazine

“Funny, charming, unpretentious and thought-provoking, Corrine from Frock & Roll is one of my favourite people on the internet!”

Facets Of The Fabulous


Nominated for the ‘Voices Of 2013: Australia’s Best Blog’ award. (Shucks!)

Frock & Roll is a must-read blog for great content.”“

– XL As Life

“Follow her now and claim later you knew her before she was famous!”

–  The Essential Guide To Twitter Magazine

'Marlborough Midweek' article ♥

 As featured in New Zealand’s Marlborough Midweek newspaper.


Recognised for ‘Quality Blogging’ and named an ‘Honourable Mention’ (from 570 candidates) in the 2011 ‘Best Australian Blogs’ Finalists. (Whee!)


As featured in Australia’s The Essential Guide To Twitter magazine.

Looking for a place to begin around here? Ooh! Allow me to be your tour guide!

Here are some of Frock & Roll’s most popular articles:

x Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Try… Belly Dancing?!
x How To Travel The World (Cheaply! Freely! BRILLIANTLY!)
x 4 Life ”Rules” Which Are Excellent To Break
x The Blogger’s Guide To Hustling: Networking, Promoting & Getting Your Blog Out There! Parts OneTwo and Three
x How To Make Glitter Shoes: A DIY Tutorial In Creating Sparkly Heels! 

“I Like You. Let’s Be Friends.”

You’re adorable. LET’S!

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