Style Icons: ‘Ringer’s’ Siobhan Martin
Sarah Michelle Gellar rocked some GLORIOUS garments in Ringer, and just you wait until you see some of her hair tricks!

Style Challenge: The Item That TERRIFIES You (Hel-LO, Leather Mini-Skirt!) ♥
Ask me to sport a leg-exposing garment and m-a-n will I freak out! (It’s true: I’m that muppet who strolls around in maxi-dresses all summer long.)

The Nitwit’s Guide To Sock Buns: How To Do A Sock Bun/DIY Sock Buns ♥
Much like my non-existent flair for housework (me: “I want to do something new today! Something DIFFERENT!” Tom: “Hmmm, here’s a wild idea… CLEAN THE APARTMENT!”), I’m utterly useless when it comes to experimenting with excellent hairstyles.

The Weight Debate At Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival ♥
“Clothes look better on thin and tall models’’? Hmmm. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my friend, and personally, there’s nothing remotely inspiring or “aspirational’’ about viewing a dress on a shape I know that I’ll simply never be.

What The Frock?! : 23/08/11 Front Row At Sydney’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival ♥
I SWEAR I have an in-built cool repellent.

Style Challenge: Could You Wear Head-To-Toe… TIN FOIL?!
Are you red-dy (oh, I slay myself with my lameness!) for a strange sartorial confession? I’ve always resisted shades of crimson.

Ridiculously Cute Crafts: How To Make A Dolce & Gabbana Flower Accessory! ♥
Because what could be more divine than sashaying down the streets with a bloomin’ beautiful accessory this Spring/Summer?

Style Challenge: Could You Wear A Nightie As A… Dress?! ♥
There were no “quick! Did you see that twit? She’s wearing a nightie!’’ whispers as I stomped around town, and my boyfriend didn’t get that particular flash of fear in his eye as I marched out of the bedroom

How To Make Glitter Shoes: A DIY Tutorial In Creating Sparkly Heels! ♥
If you’ve ever found yourself lusting over the perfect sparkly, shimmering shoe, ooh, guess what?! Do I have a tutorial for you!



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