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Perspective ♥

Because sometimes (especially on a Monday!), we ALL need a serving of perspective with our breakfast! I love this, and as I sit here chomping through my morning muesli, I’m playing the ‘I Am Thankful For…’ game with my grumbles, too…




A Reminder: Magic Does Happen ♥

magicdoeshappenSo there I was, just completing an obviously important task skulking around the apartment, bopping along to The Bee Gees, when I peered out my window and spotted something UNBELIEVABLE.

Was it weeds? Yes! (But come ooon. That’s hardly surprising, now, is it?! There is a garden out there, after all!)

Was it PIZZA?! No. (But cripes, that really would be shocking, wouldn’t it?! And delicious. Shocking and delicious!)

It was $20! $20!

$20 just *literally* blew into my backyard. WHAT! (And also... amazing!)
It’d literally blown into my backyard, and I couldn’t BELIEVE it. I mean… what?! Since when do $20 notes just fall from the sky and land on the ground like that?! I’m still struggling to comprehend it, but one thing that I do know is…

Magic does happen. Honestly. Sometimes, we’ve just got to have a peek around for it!



P.S. This is absolutely my “huh? THERE’S $20 OUTSIDE?!” face:

What a nutter. A WINTER nutter! (Brrr! It's getting cold in Sydney.) ♥

How To Kick 2011 Goal Butt (In A Completely Non-Violent Way!) ♥

Because violence is never the answer (no!), and look! A glorious new year is here, full of sparkle and glimmer and “ooh, you have 52 weeks to do something marvellous with me!” sing-song PROMISE!

It doesn’t matter if the past twelve months royally s-u-c-k-e-d. Heck, it doesn’t even matter if 2010 will eternally be etched in your memory as the year that you didn’t launch your octopus-shaped donut making business, because 2011 represents the perfect opportunity to start fresh. To isolate whatever was keeping your feet firmly planted in the inaction ground in 2010, throw it a disinterested look and zoom FORWARDS with your goals!

Whether it’s planning a six week escape to Estonia, conquering crochet or finally pitching that piece to that magazine, here’s how to kick 2011 goal BUTT!

Identify Your Intentions

Start! What’s important to you in 2011? Grab a sheet of paper and brainstorm ideas about what you want to accomplish between now and the end of the year. You know that saying “science is not a cow. Science is a horse”You don’t?! Brilliant, because that’s absolutely not what the relevant quote is! It’s “dreams and wishes are not goals until they ‘re written as specific end results on paper”, which kind of makes a whole lot more sense, right?!

Establish The Action That You Need To Take

Perhaps you need to sign up for that business management course, perhaps you need to stop feeling so flipping unsure of yourself and just do it (thanks Nike!), for fig’s sake, or perhaps you need to spend your Friday evenings bar-tending to save for Estonia while everyone else is out shimmying around to Duck Sauce. Whatever!

Real Life Anecdote: I am a huge advocate of The Second Job. Huge! Since the age of 19 and regardless of how up-to-my-eyeballs I’ve been with any other work, I’ve always maintained a second job SOMEWHERE. And sure, while it’s probably as glamourous as dish water and I’ve missed approximately 1,2763546468 Thursday night dinners and cocktails and late-night shopping sessions with my friends, no complaints, because in the past two years alone I’ve also managed to scrimp together enough coin to buy an apartment and travel to Europe and New Zealand twice!

Sometimes a teensy bit of sacrifice, a shipload of determination and an ability to keep your eye on the delicious prize – and not the occasionally tiring, trying or “but I want to dance to Duck Sauce TOO!’‘ reality – is definitely worth it. Which steps can you take to shuffle closer towards your dreams?

Monitor Your Language & Ambition Attitude (Don’t “Try” To Try!)

Okay, so you’ve identified your intentions! You’ve established the action that you need to take and you’re implementing it, baby!

And it’s all very spectacular! Now observe how you discuss and think about your goals over the coming weeks and eliminate that defeatist “try” word from your vocabulary – because really, doesn’t “I’ll try to enrol for those Spanish lessons” sound suspiciously like “I’ll TRY to try to enrol for those Spanish lessons’”, and infinitely more non-committal than “I’m learning Spanish this year!”?! It does! Don’t unintentionally self-sabotage yourself before you’ve even begun – monitor your language and ambition attitude and TELL other people about your plans so that they actually hold you accountable for making them happen!

New year, new start, new plans, new chickens! (Psst! One of those things may or may not be unrelated to everything else.) 

There’s 360 sublime days left of 2011 – what are you going to do with your year?


If You’re Crappy & You Know It… (What To Do When You’re Feeling Mad, Sad Or Just Plain BAD!) ♥

Perhaps your bowl of porridge exploded everywhere in the microwave this morning (d’oh!), perhaps you forgot to purchase any oats to even PREPARE your bowl of porridge this morning (double d’oh!), or perhaps your current “well, blah di dah!” emotions have been triggered by something much, much more unpleasant: the mechanic who guaranteed you three days ago that your car would DEFINITELY be ready by now? Those unsurly neighbours and their penchant for folk music at 3.00AM? Oh, who knows!  Either way, you’re mad, darn it! Or you’re sad, darn it! Or actually, you’re just feeling plain bad, darn it! (But there ARE ways to feel better, darn it!)

Take Action

Hold your tomatoes!

Yes,  “take action” may sound so (stupidly?!) stupendously simple, but seriously! It’s the perfect remedy! Identify what’s causing you to feel crap-tacular, and remove it from your life. If it’s that arse (oops! Excuse me) of a manager at that cruddy workplace that’s weighing you down, hey, who needs them?! Search for a similar occupation in a different company! You may not find the perfect role immediately but in the mean-time, there’s ALWAYS alternatives: bartending! Temping! Waitressing at your favourite local restaurant! Options? You have them!  

Be Kind To Yourself (In A Non “Right, That’s Settled. A Kilo Of Chocolate It Is!” Sort Of Way)

When I’m feeling approximately 7,75675 variations of rubbish, all I want to do is sit down, hide myself away and scoff pizza. Actually, that’s not true. I always want to scoff pizza!

Foolery aside, when you’re paddling around in the depths of an insidious mad/sad/bad rut, it’s almost instinctive to clam up and consume a container ship of Cadbury’s (or, um, vodka!), but long-term, these things don’t assist you with feeling magnificent. They’re temporarily outstanding before boom!  You’ve inhaled a block of Dairy Milk and Guilt, Confusion and Disappointment have come to join the party, ushering you into a taxi to join another vicious cycle!

Go for a long walk, instead. Try a Zumba class. Pour yourself a mug full of exotic tea and comb through a magazine. Have a Seinfeld (or – cliche` alert! – Sex & The City) marathon. Listen to Led Zeppelin and let your mind drift away.

Let Other People Be There For You

Newsflash: we all occasionally feel this way! It’s true! Actors, models, brain surgeons, musicians, rocket scientists, poets, everyone! It’s natural and all part of – as contradicting as it may sound – the glorious ebb and flow of life. Call your mother and admit to her that you’re okay, but that you possibly need ten minutes of some hardcore griping. Vent to a friend. Explain to your partner that you’re feeling the urge to be silent (or cantankerous!) and that it’s absolutely not their fault.

Additional Solutions For When You’re Crappy & You Know It (That DON’T Involve Clapping Your Hands! Well, Unless You Want To, Of Course)

x Plan a holiday, even if it’s only to the next town! Get away from everything and everyone and come back with a clear head. Get a manicure. Yes, they’re girly! Yes, you may feel silly or obnoxious or frivolous for indulging in one! Who cares! It feels SPLENDID to peer down at excellently-painted nails! x Have dinner at your favourite restaurant. x Trawl Youtube for hilarious videos:

Oh, he is so CUTE! 

Honestly, if you’re feeling crappy and you know it, don’t fret! You will better! Take action, be kind to yourself and let other people be there for you – and then treat them all with the same understanding and sensitivity when it’s their turn on the crappy-go-round.


The Meaning Of Life? ♥


Heavy question alert!

Some people spend their entire existence questioning the exact purpose of life: what is it? What does it all mean?! IS there a divine purpose? Is it to produce a killer hotdog? Climb the mountains of Tibet? Are we doing everything “right”? What SHOULD we be doing? Mastering Bohemian Rhapsody at karaoke? Learning the correct dance moves to The Macarena?! Will spending a year backpacking around India instill us with the kind of inherit wisdom required to possibly answer this question? Do we even need to answer this question?! There are so many questions, but where are the answers?!

And then there are those who never consider it at all. Thrilled to ride the wild wind in whichever interesting direction that it may take them, perhaps they’re perfectly content to “go with the flow”, or perhaps they couldn’t be more disinterested in examining their lives beyond their day-to-day routines. And that’s wonderful! Whatever works for them is FANTASTIC!

But what works for you? What does life, as we know it, mean to you? Do you have a motto or your own private (or not-so-private!) understanding of all of its madness and brilliance?

Personally, although I guffawed like a muppet and made other such useful (!) and derisive noises/comments at the time, a piece of advice that my Year/Grade 9 history teacher gave our class one day has been firmly etched in my memory:

“Honestly kids, would you like to know the great, big, mysterious ‘secret’ to life? BE HAPPY. That’s it! Just BE. HAPPY. It’s not always easy – in fact, sometimes it’s bloody hard – but it’s as simple as that. It’s not about a job or money or whoever you’re dating; that stuff doesn’t matter in the long run. What does is being happy, and doing the things that MAKE you happy.”

I wish I could thank him for his insight – which I’ve only come to appreciate over the last couple of years – today, because I BELIEVE him. He wasn’t disillusioned or unrealistic about life (he had weathered two divorces, regularly swore like a trooper and had many a bone to pick with the education system at the time!), he was just simply sharing his perspective of the world, which to me, makes more sense than any other ideal or belief I’ve ever heard. Yes, shoddy incidents will occur! Yes, you’ll meet a few jerk-like (hot-off-the-press: this isabsolutely the latest development in grown-up vocabulary!) people along the way! Hearts will occasionally be broken, jobs will sometimes be crap-tacular and feelings will hurt – but there’s also many, MANY glorious things to be devoured (international cities! Phenomenal friendships! Incredible meals!), and surely the pursuit of them is so much more exquisite than dwelling on everything that’s not?


A Thought For The Day… How Many People Admire Us From Afar? ♥

SHEESH. We’re all so hard on ourselves sometimes, aren’t we?!

About our careers, relationships, studies, living situation, qualifications, appearance, whether or not that sandwich would have tasted infinitely more scrumptious with sweet chilli sauce instead of tomato – our decisions. Our choices!

But while we’re silently berating ourselves (or saying “no, silly. A stir-fry would’ve been a FAR superior option to a sandwich!”), how many people are secretly applauding our actions from a distance?



(Images thanks to Post Secret.)

5 Things That You’re NOT Taught About Life (But Have Figured Out Anyway & Can Now Say “Ha, Take THAT, Life!” To ♥

Things That Are Obvious:

That, slightly unfortunately, life doesn’t come equipped with some kind of magical, answers-laden, problem-solving manual. (Damn it, Janet!)

Things That Aren’t So Obvious:

How brilliant this video of a woman auditioning for Bulgaria Idol is, singing Mariah Carey’s With Or Without You, but somehow mistaking the lyrics can’t live” for Ken Lee”. G-e-n-i-u-s! (I’m sorry, sweet-looking Bulgarian woman!)

But moving along!

You know those glorious moments where you experience an epiphany or sudden realisation that makes the world or a particular situation seems so much clearer, so much easier? Oprah calls them a-ha” moments. I call them jeez, I really wish that I’d  known that when I was younger, because it probably would have stopped me from trying not to act like such a massive turkey sometimes, which, of course, only made me act like an even bigger turkey than I ever could have fathomed” moments, but hey, let’s not get into a debate about what their actual, correct technical term is (I have the feeling that it’s not mine)!

Here are some of the things that I’ve learned in my time – in a non-I’m clearly eighty years old and supremely knowledgeable“ kind of way, but definitely in a ha, take THAT, life! I’ve learned stuff anyway!’‘ kind of way – that have made my existence significantly sweeter/easier! (And I would love to hear about yours!)


That it’s OKAY to have no idea about what you want to be when you grow up’’! In fact, it’s okay to decide that you want to be approximately 2,353 different things, and to change your mind about all of those things all of the time! Or to decide that actually, you don’t want to be anything in particular at all.

That nobody is perfect’’. Parents. Teachers. Friends. Colleagues. Partners. Anyone. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should turn a blind eye to your best friend if they suddenly decide that it’s a grand idea to throw printers at cars (!), but it’s probably helpful to keep in mind if they occasionally make a choice that you deem questionable, or if when they “stuff up”, to treat them how you would hope to be treated, instead of making them feel worse than they possibly already do.

x That sometimes, no matter how much we may not be able to understand why we’re in a certain position, or can’t understand why we’re friends with the people that we are or a part of the relationships that we’re in, we usually have a lot to do with our circumstances. Scrap that, we do have a lot to do with our circumstances. The jobs that we’re working. The person that we’re dating. The events or activities that we complete on weekends. Why we are doing them? Because we chose to! Who else applied for that job and went through the interview process?! No, I’m not about to thrust a copy of The Secret in your face (for starters, I haven’t read it!) or suggest that if a car accidentally rams into the back of yours, well, it’s your fault, because obviously there are instances where things ARE completely out of our control. But there are also instances where exercising a little bit of personal responsibility can be a very magnificent thing: because if we had the ability to create what we already have in the first place, then surely we have the ability to create something entirely different (if that’s what you want!), right?! Right.

x That comparing relationships is an incredibly futile exercise. Honestly, yes Enrique The Extremely Hot Coffee Guy may be well, extremely hot, and could probably win the made-up Charismatic Person Of The Year Award, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t the owner of the worst personal hygiene habits ever or a weird toe fetish!

x That when food packaging specifically advises that something needs to be placed in the oven, don’t throw it in the microwave and hope for the best. Your apple pie will return black.

Not holding a spoon under a running tap for a prolonged period? (You know that it’s only going to flick water in your face!) Wearing sneakers or flat shoes to a concert instead of heels or boots because you don’t want to limp around for the rest of the night? What are some of the things that YOU were never taught about life, but have figured out anyway and can now proudly say “ha, take THAT life!” to?