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The Nitwit’s Guide To Sock Buns: How To Do A Sock Bun/DIY Sock Buns ♥

Much like my non-existent flair for housework (me: “I want to do something new today! Something DIFFERENT!” Tom: “Hmmm, here’s a wild idea… CLEAN THE APARTMENT!”), I’m utterly useless when it comes to experimenting with excellent hairstyles.

Creating ultra-chic chignons? PLEASE! Twirling my tresses into elegant, elaborate braids? Well jeez, I’d love to be able to, but truthfully, I wouldn’t know where to start.

So when I heard about the almighty current hair craze that is the “sock bun” (no joke, I’ve seen it mentioned at least three times on Twitter this week!), I decided to give it a whirl, and devise some so-simple-even-an-enormous-nitwit-like-myself-could-pull-it-off instructions along the way.

And here they are!

kimkardishiansockbun celebritysockbun

Kim Kardishian rocking the sock bun” (and some magnificent earrings and make-up!).

What You’ll Need:

A pair of scissors (snip, snip!)
x A hair-tie/elastic
x Any old sock (if you’ve got one lurking around with a hole in the toes, PERFECT. Grab it! You’ll be cutting the bottom part off anyway.)

Step One

Remove the toe area of the sock with your trusty scissors and discard it, then roll the remaining length of fabric into a ‘donut’ (mmmm… donuts!) shape (as pictured above).

Now! Whip your hair upside down and gather it together, pulling it into a high ponytail (the higher the pony tail, the higher your bun placement), and secure it with an elastic/hair-tie.

Step Two

Place the sock donut at the end of your ponytail and pull your locks through the hole in the centre. Slowly roll the sock (along with your hair) down the shaft of your ponytail, starting from the ends of the hair, until you reach the base of your ponytail.

As you roll, continue tucking and spreading your hair under and around the donut/sock bun form (to avoid being able to actually SPOT your sock!). Note: this hairstyle is one that’s easiest to master with straight hair, but if you’re a curly-haired lass like myself, no problem. Just tidy up any loose strands with some bobby pins and a spritz of hairspray, and you’re set!

Blogger sock bun sock bun DIY bloggers sock buns

TA-DAH! One giant nitwit, and a sock bun! (Excuse the fluffy bathrobe I’m sporting. It’s positively arctic here in Sydney this afternoon!)


What do we think of the “sock bun”? Is this a hairstyle that you’d try?



Style Challenge: Could You Wear A Nightie As A… Dress?! ♥

“$2!’’ The price tag practically screamed. “I’m $2 and a fancy, frilled nightgown! Corrine, riddle me this: where ARE you going to find a better bargain today?’’

I gazed over at it, all black, lacy and smug. It was right.

Sure, consulting a medical professional over the alarming frequency in which I converse with garments may have been a more appropriate idea (don’t even get me started on the banter I exchanged with a sock last night, oh no!), but I DID IT! I yanked the nightgown out of the clearance basket and I BOUGHT it!

The method behind my sudden (ha, sudden. Please!) madness? To whisk it home and see if it could be fashioned into an everyday ensemble, a la a style challenge, perfect for shopping and sitting on bridges in (and definitely not just for slumbering in), and here we have it!

wearing a nightie as a dress, wearing a slip as a dress, black lace nightie, nightie, lacy nightie

Miss “I’m $2. What more could you want from life?’’

Honestly (and surprisingly), it was functional. COMFORTABLE. There were no “quick! Did you see that twit? She’s wearing a nightie!’’ whispers as I stomped around town, and my boyfriend didn’t get that particular flash of fear in his eye as I marched out of the bedroom. (Have you ever seen that look?! Oh, it’s a goodie! It last made an appearance when I attempted to smother myself in a tulle number for a barbecue. Fun!)

Additional Adventures In ”Hi, I’m Wearing A Nightie… As A DRESS!” Land

wearing a nightie as a dress, wearing a slip as a dress, black lace nightie, nightie, lacy nightie

Doesn’t Emily from Emily O Photography‘s night gown-over-jeans combination look sensational? Nice work!

wearing a nightie as a dress, wearing a slip as a dress, black lace nightie, nightie, lacy nightie

And then there’s Gala’s divine powder-pink slip! (Which, if it was any cuter, I’m preeetty sure we’d have to notify the Cute Police about.)

wearing a nightie as a dress, wearing a slip as a dress, black lace nightie, nightie, lacy nightie

And finally, WOW Megan Nielsen! That’s a nightie?! What a spectacular thrift find!

Have YOU ever donned a nightgown in public before? Would you ever don a nightgown in public? Is it an item that can successfully be introduced to the outdoors, or are you just shaking your head right now and thinking, ‘’Corrine, you look like a complete fool. And you’re wearing a NIGHTIE!’’?


Style Challenge: From Formal To INFORMAL! ♥

There are occasions where you want to appear all ‘formal’ – such as when you’re attending a fancy pants event – and occasions where, really, the most formal you want to appear is extremely informal, because heavens, there’s dog walking and cleaning and adventures to be had, and who wants to don a ball gown for any of THAT?! (Actually, I kind of do, but seeing as this admission is detrimental to my overall point, I won’t continue it! For now.)

So what do we actually do once we’ve cultivated the garb necessary for more formal or fancy pants events and shimmied about in it? Return it to our wardrobes, only for it to hang there languidly for another twelve months, desperately hoping for another similar opportunity where it can be temporarily whisked out and show-ponied around the city, only to be placed back in its original place hours later? NO! That’s prime wardrobe real estate that that bridesmaid’s dress is hogging, and in order to keep its turf, it has to work a lot harder than that! But how? It’s all much simpler than it seems: with a clever accessory or two to transform it from nighttime-only to day-friendly!

Example #1: The Peachy Coloured Dress

Peachy coloured dress! Remember me? You should do, because we had quite the fling in a Paddington boutique once upon a time, didn’t we?! Oh, yes. It’s all coming back now, isn’t it? With your $20 price tag we immediately bonded, but it was your “reduced from $300” tag that truly sealed the deal! “What an AMAZING bargain!” I thought. “Goodness, what a savvy purchase THAT was! I can’t wait to wear it to a dinner or something!” Of course, when a dinner or more formal occasion rears its head, I don’t want to wear peachy coloured dresses – I want to wear the sequin-filled, 80’s-esque extravaganzas that I’ve accumulated and have been itching to wear in the meantime, and so little peachy coloured dress has never quite made its special guest appearance out on the town – until Saturday that it, is! I introduced her to a pair of beaten up boots, stockings and a cardigan, and suddenly she had a whole new lease on life. Ta-dah!

Example #2: The Metallic Tulle Dress

A shiny, metallic red frock complete with a layer of tulle underneath? Yes! A shoddy photograph? Um, yes, it’s that too. Sorry about that.

I purchased this dress approximately four years ago with the intention of wearing it to a Christmas party, except that I never actually did, and it’s been waiting impatiently for me ever since.

But, for no longer! I wore it to the supermarket yesterday paired with a long-sleeved casual t-shirt and it was a concoction that didn’t even rouse ONE suspicious/dubious look! And if that’s not the test of a ‘safe’ everyday outfit, then I don’t know what is.

Example #3: The Muted Yellow Party Dress

This muted yellow number is a rather fun item for a party, but a one-trick closet pony simply just won’t do! And ooh, does my face say it all: “oh, so you think you can just rest on your laurels, Review dress? HA! Have I got news for you!”  

And the news was this: just look at the difference that a beanie and over-sized cardigan can make! Why, I could button that baby up and nobody would know that I was wearing a chiffon gown underneath it! It’s officially earned its residence.

Call them into your bedroom for a ‘meeting’: how productive have your dressier items been over the years? Do they deserve to be claiming as much space as they do, and if so, are they working as hard as they could be?


Style Challenge: Floral Tights! ♥


To me, floral tights are like the ingredients required for a magnificent multi-layered cake: you know, you’ve seen them in magazines before, made eye contact with them at the store (what, you DON’T make eye contact with eggs?! Oh, let me tell you, you are missing OUT!) and thought about them a few more times (again, you DON’T think about flour? Sheesh, what are you doing with yourself?!), before finally taking the plunge and snapping them up gleefully, thinking “ooh, won’t this be a spectacular little frolic through Fun Town!”

And then they sit there, unused. And sit some more. You may occasionally peer at them, contemplating whether or not you should try and integrate them into something else (because now that you’ve thought about it, your original plan for them was approximately 3,456 times more difficult than you had initially suspected!), but eventually you just end up saying “look thickened cream, this is just getting WEIRD. Don’t take this personally, but I think it would be better if we didn’t see eachother for a while. I just can’t handle the guilt anymore!” So the cream is introduced to a delightful new companion, pancakes, but the tights? Well, they’re relegated to the back of the drawer. And it turns out that they do take it personally. So personally, in fact, that you decide to use them in your next Style Challenge, because frankly, the rumours that they’ve spread about you to all the socks have become so severe that there’s really no alternative!

And here they are! Don’t be fooled by those pretty violet flowers, these babies are hard work. (As if you couldn’t already tell by their penchant for gossip!) They don’t like yellow. Or pink. Or red. In fact, if you were to present them to ANY colour, I’m 99.9% sure that they would turn their nose up at those, too. But when situated with black? Gosh, what a power couple! I mean, they were finishing eachother’s sentences and laughing like there was no tomorrow! (Could there be wedding bells soon?!)

If I ever decide to enter another relationship with a different pair of floral tights, I’ll be sure to remember the black formula. Although, now that I think about it, I didn’t actually introduce them to any purples. Could that result in another blissful partnership? (Or what about a grey?!)


I’m not entirely sure, but I do know that if there’s one thing that personifies style, it’s the vegetation recycling bins in the background!

Have YOU ever worn floral tights before? And if you haven’t, would you?


Style Evolution: How Often Has YOUR Look Changed In The Past Year? What About Over 2 Years? 5 Years? ♥

The superb Stacey (oh, look! Alliteration! HI!) of the excellent Secret Life Of A Retail Assistant recently wrote a very interesting article on the subject of style evolution, demonstrating precisely how much her appearance has developed over the past few years, and to use a wild understatement, it was extremely, EXTREMELY intriguing! The changes of hair colour! The dramatic experiments with length! The avant-garde make-up looks! The try-outs with myriads of different types of clothing!

To be honest, the whole extraordinary post left me in awe. And also, woefully embarrassed. Why? Because when it comes to style evolution, Pamela Anderson herself has probably had a more unpredictable ride on the roller-coaster of aesthetics than I have, and that’s really saying something because um, last time I checked, she’s favoured the same sartorial splendour of anything tight, bright and ultra revealing since 1995. Oh, dear.

Allow me to demonstrate:

Okay, so here we have some dreadlocks. But don’t be fooled by this minor detour from normality! (Or the fact that in this photo, it REALLY looks like I’m about to aim for the black ball on the table, which we all know is rule number one in the no-no’s of pool playing #101!) Because apart from sporting this semi-dramatic ‘do when I was approximately 15 years-old, it never got any more daring or different than this…

Aha! Someone’s discovered eyeliner. And although its starring role on my face isn’t quite as prominent now as it was when I was 16 years old, it’s definitely still a strong part of the regular cast…

Oh, look! Does that hair look familiar?! It should do, because it’s the exact same cut/shade/everything that I have now(And I was 17 in this picture. Gulp.)


And here I am trialling something ultra radical at 18: wearing a dress! Yep. Definitely don’t love dresses. Nope. Absolutely not one of the reasons why Frock & Roll is, in fact, called Frock & Roll, or a valid explanation as to why there’s an entire section on here called What The Frock?!! (Featuring regular outfits of myself wearing clogs and pants, obviously.) Random bonus information: please excuse the puncture marks: the two magnificent girls shown in this picture on either side of me are two of my very best friends, and this photo has been pinned on walls of my various bedrooms for years! 

How often has your style evolved over the past year? Or in the last FIVE years? I think it’s safe (ooh, the seemingly constant theme of my look across the years!) to say that I need a make-up or external over-haul in the hugest of ways!


What The Frock?! : 16/01/10 ♥


Pardon my squinting, but it was SO windy this afternoon! That, coupled with the fact that while attempting to take these photos, at least five cars full of horn-tooting, cheering men passed by, curiously enquiring as to exactly what I was doing, has resulted in what are probably not the most impressive outfit photos of all time. But! At least in these series of photos, it doesn’t look like I’m chomping on a mouthful of hair, so sound the alarms, because ding, ding! We have a winner!


What I’m Wearing:

x Vintage high-waisted floral dress, Arc Sydney – don’t you just love it when you find a bargain?! This wee number cost approximately seven dollars from a second-hand store in Mona Vale, and fits like an absolute GLOVE! I adore it, except it completely gives people permission to ask if I’ve recently stepped out of a time machine from the 1950’s!
Glassons t-shirt
x Red and gold studded bow belt, borrowed from this floral Target dress!
x White Diva headband
x Gold flats
One silly expression, coming soon to a catwalk near YOU! (Ahem…)

For reasons unknown to both of us, one of my friends always calls me Bethal Anne, joking, “doesn’t it just sound like you’re something out of a rejected Buddy Holly song or something?! You know, Peggy Sue, Bethal Anne…”  Well, upon stepping out in this dress yesterday, I have to admit, I really did feel like something out of a Buddy Holly song! Oh, dear…


 The cliff top overlooking Sydney’s Warriewood and (in the distance!) Mona Vale beaches. Isn’t it beautiful?!

How have you spent YOUR weekend? I hope it’s been exceptional!


Style Session: What To Wear With… Dr. Martens! ♥

how to wear doc martens, what to wear with doc martens, doc martens, pink doc martens
I recently bought my first pair of Dr. Martens and my oh my, they are beauties!

Gloriously comfortable and equipped with the most splendid sheen (hot pink patent, ooh la la!), they’re possibly the shoe equivalent of an incredible dream and with every spare moment I get, I’m finding myself sneaking off to my wardrobe to gaze at them adoringly!

The only hiccup in our new companionship? They’re not the most subtle choice of footwear. And yes, while their screamingly bright hue is ABSOLUTELY one of the things that drew me to them in the first place, deciding which outfits to pair them with so that the look is complimentary, as opposed to plain old ugly, can be challenging. Who would have guessed that pulling off an excellent pair of shoes with aplomb would involve more than the simple step of well, just putting them on?! I’m not sure, but if you’re struggling to find the perfect clothing suitor for your Dr. Martens, why not look to the following ensembles for pure style inspiration?


Agyness Deyn loves her Dr. Martens, and by the looks of things, they love her too! Just look at the way she’s masterfully coupled them with a brilliant bowler hat, leather jacket, candy-coloured fluffy sweater and leggings! Spectacular!


Almost-mid-calf-length booties teamed with an oversized cardigan and a classic mini-skirt? If Barney Gumble from The Simpsons were here, he’d surely scream, “I like it!”


Worn over the top of skinny jeans (did you hear that?! Worn over the TOP of skinny jeans! What little fashion mavericks these boots are!), they instantly create a look that exudes effortless, casual glamour. (And look! It’s Agyness Deyn again!)


But hey, casual doesn’t necessarily float everyone’s boat, so why wear them with a fabulously ethereal frock to your next outing instead?! I adore this look so very much, and it definitely beats walking the streets of the city barefoot at 3am and carting around your heels in your hand!

When it comes to Dr. Martens, are you a fan, or are you secretly wishing that they’d scamper back to the 80’s already?!