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What The Frock?! : 27/05/12 ♥


At what point is something deliciously spontaneous or just downright… daft?!

As a dork who’s aware of stranger danger yet preaches (and firmly believes!) life is short. Break some RULES! Be d-a-r-i-n-g!”, it can be wildly difficult to distinguish between the two.

Last Tuesday, a friendly-seeming gentleman asked me if I’d like to grab a beverage with him some time. Was he charming? Yes! Were his manners impeccable? You BET! But as the words so, I’m actually new to this area of Sydney. Whereabouts do you usually hang out? Would you like to go out for a drink?” tumbled from his mouth, my mind started hissing you don’t know him! This is only the second time that you’ve ever spoken to him! What is this madness?! Abort the conversation. Abort, abort, ABORT!”

“Um,” I lamely mumbled, frantically searching my brain for a non-offensive excuse, I actually work weekends. Yeeeah. Oh, I’ve got to go now. BYE!”

What The Frock?! : 25/05/12 ♥
What I’m Wearing:

x Wanted’s ‘Prague’ combat boots
x ‘CORRINE’ silver handmade nameplate necklace
x Nasty Gal’s ‘Clever Minx’ coat (purchased on sale for $34. Ooh la la!)
x Backless black dress (guess what?! This actually used to belong to blogging/styling virtuoso, Hayley Hughes. I received it from her at a clothing swap party last year!)

“He was kind of CUTE!” The woman next to me exclaimed, nodding approvingly. I smiled, giggled and anxiously slinked away, frantically babbling to my best friend the next day (Caroline, I love you!):

“But he was NICE! I’m always saying that you should try new things, right? And be bold? WHAT IF HE WAS TRYING TO DO THAT?! What if he thought “okay, I’m going to take a risk and ask this girl out”, and I just ruined that? Oh my goodness, I feel like a jerk. WHAT IF HE NEVER ASKS ANYONE OUT EVER AGAIN?! Maybe I should have gone. Why didn’t I go?! Jeez. How can you identify the axe-wielding maniacs from the people who are genuinely trying to do something positive these days? @#&^!” (Phew. I’m sure there’s a queue of people just piling up to be buddies with me now… NOT!)

As the stupendous Seal warbles in Crazy,we’re never gonna survive… unless we get a little… CRAZY! No, we’re never gonna survive… unless we are a little… cccrazy!”, but what’s the difference between ‘good’ crazy and, as my beloved Christopher says, “not just your average “on the path to Crazy Town” kind of crazy, but “I’m not just on the path to Crazy Town, I’m driving the freaking BUS!” ” crazy? Would YOU have sipped vodkas with him?



What The Frock?! : 30/04/12 ♥

I’m not going to whinge about the construction that’s taking place at my apartment building. DAILY. From 7.00AM. For the next three months. No, no I’m not…

Oh-my-goodness-the-noise-is-positively-KILLING-this-night-owl-and-cripes, do-you-have-any-idea-how-brutal-it-is-being-woken-up-by-a-JACKHAMMER-every-single-morning?! I-mean, and-I-thought-the-sound-of-my-alarm-was-a-horrendous-noise! U-g-h!

Instead, I’m going to make like a monkey and leap all over the tradesmen’s scaffolding all afternoon… wheeeeee!

What The Frock?! : 30/04/12 ♥

What I’m Wearing:

x Sportsgirl dress and belt (I nabbed this on ‘clearance’ for $30 last month, and I adore it! It’s pink! It’s FROTHY! I feel like some kind of demented ballerina in it! L-o-v-e!)
x SES crocheted cardigan
x Spendless Shoes heels (hey, big spender!)
x Second-hand cuff (guess what?! This actually used to belong to blogging/styling virtuoso, Hayley Hughes. I received it from her at a clothing swap party last year!)
x ‘CORRINE’ silver handmade nameplate necklace, a sweet gift from my silly (yet loveable) friend, Jessy (after returning from a recent holiday to his hometown of Punjab, India, I couldn’t belieeeve it when Jessy presented me with this necklace! A close-up is surely needed. I wear it every day!)

What The Frock?! : 28/04/12 ♥

Me: ''I feel like a MONKEY out on these things! Wait, what do monkeys do? Make those ''ooh, ooh, AH, AH'' sounds! AND EAT BANANAS! Look! Do I look like I'm eating a banana?!'' Tom: ''No... but you look like an IDIOT!'' ♥

Me: ‘‘Wait, what do monkeys do, anyway? OH! They make those ”ooh, ooh, AH, AH” sounds! AND EAT BANANAS! Look! Do I look like I’m eating a banana?!”
Tom: ”No… but you look like an idiot!”

What The Frock?! : 28/04/12 ♥

What The Frock?! : 28/04/12 ♥

How are you spending YOUR day? Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s a fun-filled one!


Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

If you’re clicking here for the first time, WELCOME! Every Friday we celebrate the fact that – ding, ding! – it’s Friday, and our favourite things (an exquisite stack of pancakes? Extension cords?! Okay, it’s probably not the latter…) from the week that was. Here’s what I’m currently loving!

x Being Invited To My First Fashion Show (And Being Asked To Sit FRONT ROW!)
WHAT?! Who?! (Oh, if only my initial reaction had been that concise, instead of “ARE YOU CONTACTING THE CORRECT PERSON?!” and ”jeeez. I’m going to need a makeover!”)

Wonderfully and hilariously (who knew that a muppet like me would ever be asked to sit front row anywhere?!), I’ve been asked to attend Sydney’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival next week as a – ha! – ‘VIB’ (Very Important Blogger).

“Pick your favourite show from the line-up and we’ll pop you in the front row!” They said. “Is this a belated April Fool’s Day prank?!’‘ I was tempted to type back. Instead, I’ve VERY excitedly opted to see Myer’s ‘Big Is Beautiful’ performance (because as much as I adore swimsuits and gorgeous, frothy frocks, that’s the show that felt the most ‘me’), and it’s happening on TUESDAY! $%&#!

x Celebrating 7 Years With My Boyfriend – Excuse my sentimentality, but ack! It’s my seventh anniversary with my boyfriend Tom today, and I’m so, so stupidly happy about it!

A photograph of us from 2005!

What can I say?! He’s just an incredible person. The kind of guy who genuinely seems to think “how can I make Corrine’s life better?”, and loves me, enormous, annoying flaws and all. I’m opinionated, and when I sit on the couch and mutter things like “oh, of course the lead character in this music video is a size 6 blonde. She couldn’t possibly be a plus-size African American girl or an Asian with braces, could she? Eye roll!”, he doesn’t smother me with the nearest cushion, but smiles and thinks! (Probably “I wish she’d shut the __ up”, but still!) He’s the most hardworking, sincere and thoughtful person that I know, and above all, he’s ALWAYS there for me. (Which, to me, is kind of the ultimate test of a relationship. It’s easy to be by someone’s side when everything’s going swimmingly, but what about when things don’t, or you wake up in the morning looking like a total scarecrow?! How a partner reacts to these incidents says FAR more than any gifts or words, in my opinion!)

x Other Little Things – Tom’s chip-cooking routine (fact: whenever he’s making them, he always prepares a little extra bowlful for me!); Alice Cooper’s Cold Ethyl; dreaming of visiting Nepal (oh, who am I kidding? I’m constantly dreaming of visiting EVERYWHERE!); stuffing my face full of strawberries; scoring free dessert at Collaroy’s Dragonfly restaurant (weird! I’m not sure if it’s because I’d been discussing food bloggers and had a camera lying on the table – which the owner commented on! – or because I’d wiped down the table and cleaned up after myself. Either way, thanks guys!); surprising my father at his workplace (a recommended activity); and experimenting with new beauty products! (As trivial as it sounds, I’d forgotten how sublime it can be to discover a new blush or mascara which actually WORKS!)

Scarf As a necklace, how to wear a scarf as a necklace, scarf necklace

headscarf-new4headscarf, how to wear a headscarf1

Suggestions For The Week Ahead 

x Grab an accessory and showcase it an unexpected way. Could you thread a scarf around your neck and wear it as an unusual, eye-catching necklace? Remove the belt from a pair of pants and place it over your favourite sweater to accenctuate your waist?

x Support my friend Alex in her quest to fight global poverty by donating to her 40 Hour Famine project! (She’s giving up food for 40 hours to raise money for people who are chronically hungry and living in poverty. How amazing is she?! I’m contributing now!)

HAPPY WEEKEND! How was your week? What do you love? What can’t you absolutely get enough of? (Ooh, how I love a rhyme!)


Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

If it isn’t our beautiful friend THE WEEKEND! Hello!

Now, although we traditionally celebrate all things wonderful on Friday, this week, I’d like to skip through something a little different and share what’s, well, sucked. You see, I recently read a colossally touching piece on depression at The Secret Life Of A Retail Assistant (a terrific blog!), and it was this quote in particular that truly had my brain tinkering away:

“The worst thing about depression is how alienated it makes me feel. I kind of think that if all of us came out and talked about depression – our depression, friends’, family members’, acquaintances’ depressions, fleeting depressions, chronic depression – that it might make all of us affected feel a little less alien. A little more at home within ourselves.”

Oh, sweet Stacey. YOU’RE SO NOT ALONE! We all have doubts about ourselves, days of pure despondency and sometimes, weeks from absolute hell. That’s LIFE! (I honestly don’t believe that these are emotions or experiences that ever disappear, regardless of who you are or how many pennies you possess in the bank – I just think we become better at developing a positive mindset – which is excellent! – to counteract these moments.)

In my endless, ridiculous quest for fun and adventure, both personally and on Frock & Roll, perhaps I’m not highlighting the crappy, cruddy and generally blah-di-dah occurrences of the everyday enough. So I’d like to! Today! It’s certainly not with the intention of depressing you (sheesh, that’d be the last thing that I’d ever want to do!), but rather, in the interest of keeping it r-e-a-l and reminding you that EVERYONE suffers stinkers of a time. And with that, here’s what I’m currently loathing!

x People Who Assume That You’re Mentally Playing The Wedding March If You’re Friendly To Them – ARGH! Does this ever happen to you?! I swear, this is becoming an increasingly common (and awkward) situation for me!

Approximately two months ago, this guy popped up all brand new on the scene… somewhere. (I won’t be incriminating and reveal where/how; there is a publicly available link to Frock & Roll on my Facebook profile, after all!) “Hi!” He started saying after a fortnight of exchanging “who the heck is that?” glances. “How are you?” He’d even muster sometimes. Sensing a green light for regular communication, I then started chirping “HEY! How are you?!” each time I saw him, which was apparently an extremely unwise move, because he immediately started avoiding me! I’m 99.9% convinced that he thinks I want to have his children. Isn’t it insane that treating people nicely could be perceived as an act to be suspicious of?! (Whenever I see him now I feel like bellowing “jeez buddy, come on! I’M NOT VISUALISING WEDDING GOWNS WHEN I LOOK AT YOU!”)

Photo 119
x Sitting (Read: STRESSING!) Between “I Have Absolutely No Time To Do Any Of My Copywriting Work… HELP!” And “But What If I Decide To Leave My Job And Never Land Another Project AGAIN?!”
When do you decide to take the leap and turn your part-time passion into a full-time career? It’s a question that I’ve been asking myself everyday this week! (And it’s a terrifying one, too. I’m constantly conscious of not complaining about work out of fear for ever being perceived as unprofessional or, uh, a jerk, but these past seven days have been HARD. Think slumbering at 2.00AM and rising again at 5.00AM each day to complete everything!)

x Other Little Things – Conversations that start with “hey, I was looking through your photographs on Facebook the other day… you know, those ones from when you used to be slim?” (um, gosh. THANKS, MISTER!); discovering that it is, in fact, possible to survive on one hour’s sleep (surprise, surprise, it’s not remotely enjoyable, either!); hearing that Topshop‘s coming to Australia (am I the only weirdo who DOESN’T get excited by the overseas chains that set up shop here? I mean, I love fashion and all, but one of the most exciting things about travelling used to be unearthing all of the unique, unusual stores overseas. It seems a little sad that we’re all becoming the same!); realising that I’m turning 24 next month (I still feel 18! CONFRONTING!); stereotypes and stigmas (ooh, do I have a post to share on these next week! Hint: I do); and bad manners (I witnessed somebody cut their toe nails on public transport the other day. Their toe nails! Not cool!).

I hope this exercise has demonstrated that NO-ONE’S perfect and that no existence is perfect! Please don’t ever succumb to any unnecessary feelings of inferiority! (Seriously, even Lady Gaga recently admitted that a heap of the time, she still feels like a “loser kid”. She’s one of the richest, most successful women in the world! It’s living proof that there’s not a single person immune from feeling disenchanted.)


What The Frock?! : 31/05/11 ♥

It’s raining, it’s pouring, come on Mother Nature, this constant downpour is getting boring!

All musical foolery aside, it’s been BUCKETING down here in Sydney lately, and although I wouldn’t uuusually bang the “eek! Winter!” drum (I’m one of those nutters who actually loves the cold!), look! This climate madness has to be seen to be believed!

As I stepped out of my front door yesterday, everything was grey. The sky! The ocean! The nearby trees reflecting the apocalyptic-like colours from the sky and ocean! It was all incredibly eerie, so I quickly snapped a couple of photographs (please note: these are NOT in black and white!) on my way:



What The Frock?! : 31/05/11 ♥

What The Frock?! : 31/05/11 ♥

Thankfully today’s weather has been far less dramatic, but an umbrella is still currently a must-have accessory! (Ridiculous twirling optional.)

What I’m Wearing:

x Target galaxy-style dress and cardigan
x Lovisa skull pin
x Spend-less Shoes ankle boots, a kind gift from Westfield Australia, who have just launched their shiny new online footwear department (if, like me, you’ve spent the past 10 years of your shopping life DESPISING searching for shoes because you’re never sure which store stocks which brands and which sizes to fit your gigantic feet, this is terrific news! No more wondering! No more drifting despondently from store to store! Hooray, hooray, hooray!)

What The Frock?! : 31/05/11 ♥

What The Frock?! : 31/05/11 ♥

However you’re spending your day, I hope it’s much warmer where you are!


What The Frock?! : 23/04/11 ♥

Hello from delighful Clontarf Beach, Sydney!

With winter on its chilly way (brrr!), what could be more alluring than a seaside frolic on an exquisitely warm April day?


And as my boyfriend and I ventured out for cupcakes, chocolate nibbling (happy Easter!) and a teeny-tiny picnic, that’s precisely what we did!


What I’m Wearing:

x Floral maxi-dress (reduced to $7 in a summer clearance sale, woo HOO!) and sandals, Target
x Black high-waisted belt and shrug, Cotton On
Eiffel Tower pendant and trilby (strange name!), Sportsgirl

Frock & Roll

Have you ever visited Clontarf Beach? (Okay, so if you’re currently residing in Turkmenistan, it’s likely that your answer will be a loud, resounding “no”!) It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Golden sand! Enormous stretches of green land! Crystal blue water as far as the eye can see! It’s the perfect spot for an afternoon dip and enjoying all of summer’s finery, and yet, even after eleven years of living in Sydney, I’d still never traipsed through there before!

Frock & Roll

It all prompted some s-e-r-i-o-u-s questions: honestly, how many teeth do yellow-bellied sapsucker birds possess? No! Can we hereby declare 2011 the year of “falling in love with your city”?

After all, how many glorious beaches, parks and restaurants exist in our magnificent cities that we’ve never stumbled across? There must be a HEAP of phenomenal sights and interesting suburbs to uncover, just aching to be taken in and explored!

Let’s book our next catch-up with our friends at an unusual cafe`, try that bizarre little store we’ve driven past or zoomed by on the bus a billion times before (oh, you know the ONE!), and use that coupon for those half-price salsa lessons in the community newspaper, shall we? Let’s dedicate the remaining eight months of the year (yes, eight! Gulp!) to perusing the unknown, and having an excellent adventure with the city that surrounds us! (We’ll be so grateful that we did!)


What The Frock?! : 09/11/10 (And A Copywriting Update!) ♥


On a deliciously warm Sunday afternoon (seriously Sydney, just LOOK at your gorgeously-hued sky! And how about that sensational sunshine you’re dishing out?! Di-VINE!), it almost feels impossible to recall donning a multitude of layers to huddle around London’s British Museum and freeze myself senseless (and only a mere four days ago!), but ooh, I did, and do I have the photographic evidence to prove it! (Hint: I do!)

Here’s what I wore on my final day in London:






What I’m Wearing:

x Black and white polka-dot dress, from London’s Camden Markets
x Raspberry beret (the kind I DIDN’T find in a second-hand store, but a fine one, no less!)Sportsgirl
x  Black sweater and fluffy coat, second-hand
x Payless Shoes boots
x My Name Necklace’s ‘Frock & Roll’ nameplate necklace (which I wear everyday – well, until it snapped yesterday, that is! D’OH!)

Frockery aside, one of the questions I’ve kindly (I mean, goodness! You took the time to enquire and EVERYTHING! How kind indeed!) been asked over the past few weeks has been “so, exactly how many slices of pizza did you devour while you were in Italy?!” (rough estimate: 4,677786786262) “so, how exactly is Frock & Roll’s copywriting services coming along?!”, and much like when you’re trotting through the airport only to be informed by a nun that your dress is so delightfully tucked into your undergarments (!), it can be an awkward topic to discuss, but marvellously, gratefully, how-flipping-EXCELLENT-ly, the truth is: superbly! With my brain firmly ensconced in holiday (and gelato!) mode, there’s been minimal time for key bashing, but this week I’m penning pieces for a prospective blogger, cafe` owner, freelance writer and jewellery designer (!), so colour me a ridiculous shade of excitement and excuse me now as I dive off the uncomfortable ‘talking about myself’ stage!

How was YOUR week? What did you do? What did you see? And honestly, have you ever encountered one of those mortifying ”GLORIOUS! I do believe that I’ve just exposed approximately one hundred strangers to the joys of my owl lingerie!” moments?!