Advertise On Frock And Roll

Why Should I Advertise With Frock And Roll?’’

Why? WHY?! Heavens, should that even be a question?!



Founded in 2008 and updated daily, Frock And Roll is an Auckland (formerly Sydney, Australia)-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog with one phenomenally global audience!

With visitors originating from over 129 countries/territories, Frock And Roll is viewed in locations such as The United States, The United Kingdom, Mexico, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, India and Romania every day, and read by an audience of thousands of lovely readers each week.

Twitter Followers: 770+
Facebook Fans: 380+
Newsletter Subscribers: 160+

How Do I Advertise?”

A text link to your product or service? A tailor made advertisement? Oh, the decisions! It’s up to you! Contact me!

Product Reviews

Well, I’ve Got This Product, And You’ve Got This Website…’’

Gosh! What a power couple!

Frock And Roll regularly reviews products for two reasons:

1) If I hear/see/sniff something incredible, I feel mightily greedy for keeping the information about it all to myself.

2) We all love to hear about new things! A superb mascara that’s well, superb? An album that our ears will be smitten with for YEARS? A dress that we simply must have in our wardrobe? A fancy new gizmo that will make our lives that much more easier/interesting/excellent? Of course! Tell us more!

Products That I’ve Previously Reviewed:

x Benefit’s Crescent Row perfume, ‘So Hooked On Carmella’
x Smashbox Cosmetics’ Photo Finish Foundation Primer, O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Colour With Goji-Berry Complex and O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss With Goji-Berry Complex
x The Make Up Files’ The Complete Eyebrow Guide

To send your product in to Frock And Roll, please contact me at for more information! (Unless of course you’re from, say, Raw Fish Incorporated, because I really don’t want any of that waiting for me in my letterbox.)


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